WW; His & Her

Something to Capture More Memories

WW; Jehan's Smile

Bathroom Wall Decor

It's 1433!

My New Niece :)

Approaching End of The Year

Dear Dad...

WW; For The Love of The Game

The 'What to do when I'm bored' List

Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

WW; Bandung, December 2010

All Around The World

Marriage = Compromise

Dear Je....

Definitely not a piece of cake

You need to follow your dream...

WW: I'm a Soccer Mom :)

Working Out Diary...

I wonder...

End of June?

Dear Jib...

Happy Birthday!

What is a good day for you?

Just in Time

Pantry Cabinet turned Book Shelf

Success is...

Artistry 8 Minutes; Beauty Inside Out in a Bottle

Have we been wishing on the wrong star?

Not my typical afternoon...

WW; In Conjunction w/ The Royal Wedding Fever

Loving The Positive Vibe!

Different Family Different Priority

WW; My Favorite People

Great Expectation

Law of Attraction

A Voice of Conscience

WW; Halloween 2004

Lovely Friday!

Bathroom Reorganizing

The Morning Rush

Dove knows what I *really* need

Some arts & crafts I did w/ Jehan this weekend..

The BabyBlues

Weekend Budget!

Next on my reading list..

The Homework

Friday Randomness

For The Love of The Game

My Take on Father & Kids

The Kids This Morning

Tantangan #7hari!

First Attempt at...Walking :)

Behind The Urban Jungle

Creating The Big Plan

Love is My Religion

The Best Alfredo Ever!

A Corner Makeover

The Aglio Olio

Berkibarlah Benderaku

Another Milestone :)

On not being blinded by the big names

So how did the resolution go?

There it is...My New Year Resolution