End of June?

June 25, 2011

Already? That means we're moving into the second half of the year next week? Wheww..where did all those time go? I don't even dare to look up to my 2011 resolution right now, afraid there's too many lists I haven't crossed :(.

'Summer' break is here. The kids are out of school and Jibran is enjoying his soccer camp. Jibran and Jehan are supposed to fly out to Solo on Monday morning...but there could be a slight change and I might go with them for the whole week. I have a few hours to decide.

Btw the layout is new :) and I like this one a lot. Changing the blog template reminds me about my college days where I could just spend the whole day trying to figure out the HTML code.

Workload is getting better, I'm still learning on not spreading myself too thin, because I don't want to experience the level of stress that hit me last month. I ended up eating too much and worried that I would never get everything done. I blamed myself for not being able to be there for the kids and cook healthy food for my husband. I had digestive problem and couldn't even stand a cup of coffee because it made me nauseated and gassy. My stomach tightened every time someone reminded me about work deadlines and I couldn't sleep properly, and I didn't even drink coffee!. I think that was the first time I experience what is called: stress. Of course, I shed a few tears too when it was dark and quiet. The moment where I miss my simple life back in St. Louis :'(

But I'm getting there, trying to sort out my priorities and try to live in the moment. I've touched base with the SLR camera and started taking pictures. I've splurged on an L lense and don't regret it all. It captures the moments I want to hold dear in my heart perfectly.

So what do I look forward to for the next month? Hopefully we can manage a short getaway because we desperately need a vacation. Oki is moving to a new company next month, totally unplanned and unexpected as he has everything going on at KG, but it's an opportunity he can't say no. What I love the most about this new company is the fact that it's located not too far for home and hopefully no more going home at 9 :). So that's why we need to squeeze time for a getaway before he starts his new journey because as a new employee, he needs to wait after six months to claim his leave.

I guess that's it for now. Tomorrow is Jibran end of year performance and we need to be there at 7 AM!!...ZzzzZzzz

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