Pantry Cabinet turned Book Shelf

I hated the transparent glass on my pantry cabinet because everyone can see the mess inside. It stores everything from empty containers, cereal boxes, ketchup and everything else. I've been planning to change the glass or put stickers on it but couldn't get myself around it somehow. One day I had a brilliant idea to get everything out and put other stuff that'll at least look more organized. So now this mess has turned into...


..a display for my books and magazines..:D. The magazines will eventually be thrown away (after I tore the useful pages), so that's on my to do list!


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  1. Lovely idea Han :)
    Having cooking books displayed there would be a nice touch too, no?

    Hello again from Starlet, long time no see!

  2. Woww...long time no see indeed :). The cooking books are in a rattan basket right on top of the kitchen counter for easier access. TY for stopping by yaa....