A Corner Makeover

January 30, 2011

This was one of the corners in my bedroom, there was only a small rattan hmm..what do you call it? bench? ottoman? storage? Well you get the idea. I first bought it to store Jibran & Jehan toys in the play area but since they have gotten new boxes, I then use it to put towels and linens and place it in my bedroom :D. But since we're running out of space..we need to replace this with a bigger one.

And this is what we found last weekend in Index Artha Gading, for 50% off...:D. Not bad at all for Rp 800,000. The color goes well with our bedroom furniture. But I didn't realize in the store that the stuff inside was going to be that visible :D. It'd look nice if the inside is neat and consists of the same color, maybe I'm going to cover it with black paper or something. But for now, I like it much better than the previous one, which looked really lonely :D. And finally I put up our wedding picture. First time we put it up after 8 years or marriage..hehehe. There's also a small basket for remote and stuff as well as oil burners.

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  1. Nice han! :) love it :) seninya keluar :)
    itu daunnya daun pandan atau apa ya?

  2. Thank you Alice. Nggak ngerti tuh daun apaan, daun boongan sih yang pasti..:D