Just in Time

May 26, 2011

First day of period today so yea I was a bit cranky. In fact, I've been pretty cranky for the last two weeks. Something is definitely wrong with my stomach as I could feel nothing but gas!. Pair it with the flu that I've just been infected since Monday. I feel worse that I've ever felt in a long time :(. I haven't been very productive as I would like in the work department too. and the workload has been crazy. I'm overseeing a few projects that I have very little controls of, so it's stressing me out :(. In fact, I'm suspicious that it's actually stress that contributes to my stomach problem.

So I decided to leave the office at 4:30 today. I missed the kids. I missed being at home when the sun is still up. I missed lounging around the house and taking pictures of the kids. That's why I took the camera home with me, hoping to chase the light so I could take nice pictures.. But I had to stop at the grocery store first and came home before dusk, just in time to see this


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