First Attempt at...Walking :)

February 17, 2011

I love walking..I really do. I mean if Jakarta is pedestrian friendly I would walk everywhere my short feet could take me :D. I used to walk a lot when I lived in Singapore, Perth & Carbondale (where I easily lose 20 kgs in a year due because of it). Not so much in St. Louis because it's just impossible to walk where you have to take the highway to your destination. The public transportation system is kind of suck too, unless you live along the metro line. That's why I loved it a lot whenever we visited Chicago because I could walk and walk and walk. Hey, I didn't even complain when we had to walk for hours in Venice, dragging those heavy suitcases because besides of the view, I enjoyed the walking experience I couldn't have in here.

I walked a lot when I was little too because my kindergarten, elementary and junior high school were located within walking distance. Add the fact that we didn't have car back it was either walking or taking the becak ride :). I still walked a lot in high school too, because I took public transportation and it was quite a distance from the main road to my house. I also always liked the walk to a nearby supermarket, or to the famous Taman Solo Bakso establishment, or just to a friend's house. I was either on my foot or riding my bike. Again, we didn't have car at that time.

When I came back home for good and have a car....and two kids..:D, it's just more convenient and faster to take the car, even if we only have go to somewhere within the same zip code, or just to the next clusters or even if I just have to go by myself. I notice the ARTs at home rarely walked too because they always took the motorcycle and even became uninterested with bicycle. I understand that it just seems to be more efficient, but it creates another problem; the motorcycle gets broken down easily, more traffic jam, more accidents (it's more dangerous if it's a short ride because they usually don't wear helmet and pay attention to the proper traffic rules), more money spent for gas, parking and maintenance and most of all, it adds pollution to this already badly contaminated city.

So yes, obviously being spoiled with the availability of a car and the fact that it's just unthinkable to walk in Jakarta stopped me from having the slightest thought about walking. Until a few weeks ago when I read Najelaa Shihab Twitter that said she's been trying to walk anywhere she can, and I was like..whoa..really? Is it even possible to walk on this unorganized street of Jakarta? But then I quickly realized that many people are actually doing it. Whenever I get stuck inside my car, there are always people walking by on the side of the street, or trying to cross the street. It's just a matter if we're willing to do it or not when the possibility (walking distance destination, no rain, etc) is emerged. That's when I started to entertain the idea. I know there's not many places I can go if I have to depend solely on my feet, but at least knowing that I have the option to walk is already an intriguing concept for me. I then promised to myself that I would look for a chance to walk and do it in a heart beat if it seems feasible.

My mom was in the hospital for almost a week and since the hospital is just close by, I decided that it's time for me to walk! Sadly, I could only walked once because most of the time I went home at night and had to stop by somewhere else before going to the hospital in the morning. It was really refreshing to walk with my aunt and cousin in that late Tuesday afternoon. A little bit of bonding time, a chance to see what I wouldn't see if I was in the car (because my eyes are usually on the cell phone), an opportunity to clear the mind and process my thought, a moment to take pictures and basically just live in the moment. Nothing but a lovely experience.



I wish I could walk more.....but where?

note: a few photos that lead all the way to my house have been deleted. Thank you Depe for the reminder :)

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  1. tiap pagi jalan yuk Han, ke pasar belakang rmh gw, lo bisa lewat jalanan yg dipagerin itu daripade muter sih :D
    Jehan pasti seneng ke pasar itu, ada yg jual mainan. Jibran juga, ada yg jual ikan loh...

  2. Kalo tiap pagi nggak bisa tjep, tapi minimal kalo weekend bisa. Yuk yuk hari Minggu yaa?

  3. haniiii.... ini jalan menuju rumah elo? ati-ati haniiii... kalo ada orang iseng dan jahat gimanaaaa kalo dia telusuriii... T_T

  4. Ahh serius loo...duh kemaren gue sempet terlintas gitu tapi trus gue mikir 'emang siapa juga yang baca blog gue?'..makanya gue cuek aja apalagi fotonya kecil2. Stlh diliatin satu2 barusan ternyata mayan jelas juga yaa. Besok gue delete deh beberapa foto terakhir. Thank you yaa say.....

  5. Jangan tiap hari Han, gak sanggup bangunnya :)) iya, hari sabtu/minggu, gitu lebih rame deh...