All Around The World

October 03, 2011

There are a few list of things that we always do everyday such as eating, breathing, taking a shower and all other everyday routine. In my case, another thing that I effortlessly and subconsciously do every single day is daydreaming and imagining about visiting other countries and new places. Not a day gone by without me vividly picturing the family taking a trip somewhere new. I think this rubs on to Jibran too, as he always talk about going or living in other country like every other day.

The other day, I found a booklet in my sister's car. I guess she went to a travel exhibition with my mom and took home a few flyers. I cannot help but wandering around and wishing I'm on my way to the airport to see...

..the canals in Amsterdam, the historical Brussels, the magnificent of Mt Titles in Switzerland, the ancient Rome and the romantic Florence, breathtaking ocean view of Nice and Monte Carlo, peaceful Provence, quirky Berlin, remote Finland, amazing Prague, architectural Budapest, superlatives Moscow and St Petersburg, Stockholm, Sweden to Copenhagen. Madrid, Portugal and surreal Santorini.

Of course there's more, what about Capetown? and everything in South America, Buenos Aires and Patagonia glaciers, Rio de Janiero. And then there's Egypt, the whole Middle East, Morocco, Montreal Canada, Melbourne, Sydney, Christchurch, Auckland, the great wall, Taj mahal and Jaipur

*sigh*..there's so many I want to see!

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  1. by looking at how hard you work on building FD, I dare to say that it would probably take you to see these places sooner than later ;-)

  2. Irish...glad to see you here, this feels like the old time where we interact through each others blog :).

    Thank you for the encouragement dear, let's keep our fingers crossed :)