Lovely Friday!

March 17, 2011

I took a day off from the office, and since a few people were on leave too, we decided to let everyone worked from home.

- Started the day with dropping Jehan at school. It's always a pleasant thing to do. Walking hand in hand towards her class, meeting her teacher, listening to them with updates about Jehan progress, kissing and wave goodbye :)
- Marched my way to Alfon's Panglima Polim to chop off my hair. And guess who I met? It was the legendary Bambang Pamungkas who was waiting for his wife to get her hair and nails done. I wanted to say hii but I figured I better waited until my hair was done. Too bad he left before my hair was close to being decent :D
- Received a compliment from a stranger in the salon who sat next to me. It was from an older bule lady who walked down to me when she saw Roberto was giving his final touch to my hair..'Isn't that lovely?' that was her exact words..and I couldn't smiled wider. It's always nice to receive compliments from stranger..something that I don't hear often enough in here (either to me or to other people). I guess it's not something that Indonesian like to do..
- Listened to Roberto Italian action. It took me back to Venice and Milan :)
- Picked up Jehan and shopped for small knick knacks at Chic Mart
- Lunch date with Jehan at Secret Recipe. We talked, sang and laughed during the whole meal.


- Found the shoes and necklace and bracelet to go with the dress for Saturday wedding
- Listened to Jehan conversation on the phone with Jibran. It was the sweetest thing I've ever heard..:)
- Picked up by Jibran straight from school, and then the three of us ate Sour Sally.
- Jibran first time receiving an sms from his friend, and he learned how to reply it. For parents, the excited feeling of witnessing 'first moment' goes beyond toddler age :)
- Realized that I have a very thoughtful son. It was minutes after the Tsunami hit Japan when we got home, so we followed the news on TV. He kept asking questions about the sad event, he asked if we know anyone who live in Japan, he refused to play outside like he always do in late afternoon and just wanted to be glued to the TV. He changed his clothes to his black t-shirt from Tokyo that her grandma got him..:)

- Found out that Jibran has just received three more starts in class. A few days ago, he only had two..and then I asked him what does one have to do to receive star and if he ever gave efforts to get a star. Then I told him that I want him to get more stars...and he took up the challenge and got another three and I couldn't be more proud. After reading the Tiger mom, I realized that kids need clear goals and need to know what is expected of them. They need to be challenged everyday too.
- Moved the shoes to the new shoe rack..(the new one was instantly packed..and there's still a few shoes that haven't gone in there....*sigh)
- Attended cousin's bachelorette night (or malam pacar as we Arabs call it). It's where the girls turned a bit wild and danced like no one is watching. I was happy to see almost all of my family there..and of course, happy for my cousin too :).
- Jibran fell asleep at my cousin's house (we were there until 10:30) and I jokingly said to Jehan.."Jibran kita tinggal di sini aja yaa..biar nginep sini aja" and pretended to get ready to leave. To my surprise, Jehan was sad and ran to Jibran, trying to wake him up, pulling his hand, calling his name...and was sobbing quietly :D. She didn't want to leave Jibran there...ohh..kasiaan....but it was cute though, it confirmed that deep inside, she loves her brother even though she always bothers him day in, day out :D.

It was indeed a lovely Friday :)

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