Something to Capture More Memories

December 26, 2011

Not trying to justify the splurge :p, but I've been a happy snapper for as long as I remember. My first digital camera was when I still a senior in college, somewhere in 2002. I remember I dropped that inside a bus in Washington DC when my dad wanted to hand me the camera, then he gave me money to get a new one :D. I also remember a camera we lost somewhere in Santa Monica Beach, we went to Target that night to get another one since we couldn't imagine going on a vacation without a camera.

Since I first got a digital camera, I don't think I have ever left house without it. Really, I never care how heavy it makes my bag. I'd rather lug it around than having to miss moments I wanted to capture dearly. I don't remember how many pocket cameras I've owned since my first encounter with one. I also don't remember the model names at all. I think I've gone pretty much all makers :D. Last camera I bought was a Lumix LX3 and the first rather serious camera was a canon G3. I, together with Oki even had a photo blog and we went photo hunting all the time and bought fun filters to create different effects. Ohh and we also own a Lomo that we still keep until now. Not sure if it's still working or not.

I'm not good at photography but I know I want to be good at it. When we bought a digital SLR for the office, a Canon 500D, I fell in love with it. There were times when I could take it home and played around with it but with the events that we're invited nowadays, it's rare that the camera is available in the office.

So six months ago, I did a little research for a dslr. After checking so many camera sites, reading countless recommendation, comparing prices, lenses and results, I decided I wanted a canon 60D. But I couldn't find that thing anywhere! I've called every camera store in town and no one had it. They said they haven't received regular shipment since the Tsunami hit Japan. So I left my name on the waiting list and called JPC every few weeks or so but no good news yet.

In the meantime, Wulan had been so nice in lending me her 450D and all of her lenses for me to play around and made me even more sure that I wanted and needed one. One night, my father in law told us he has a dslr he has received for more than a year but never opened a box. My jaw dropped when I saw that it was a 7D, I so wish I could take it home, I even planned to trade it with a new iPad since he wanted one. But my sister in law looked like she wanted to keep the camera so I didn't have the heart to go ahead with my proposal. She said we could share the camera and I could use it whenever I want. But for me, camera is a very personal thing, I can't share it with anyone, I want my own. So I just waited and waited for the 60D to come until last week, I forgot how the conversation went but I suddenly was convincing Oki into getting us a 5D :D

I did a little more research in two days. One minute I was so sure about getting it, the next minute I felt it was too much for a casual photo snapper like me. I still browsed around from my iPhone when I was in the store trying to justify the purchase, especially when I knew they just had a 60D shipment. But knowing me, even if I have the 60D, I would want the 5D eventually so why not just go for the big item once and for all. So I handed them my card and never looked back.

Obviously, I'm happy with the camera and the all around lens that comes with it. I will definitely make it worth the splurge :)

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