The Homework

February 26, 2011

You know what, it's 10:36 PM...and I just got home at 10:00 PM. I wish I didn't have to have a date with my laptop and just lay down, finish of Eat, Pray, Love movie or read one of the books I just got this week (there are six!!). Honestly, I'm getting sick of my laptop :D. I know I want to write more this year, but at the same time, I'm planning not to touch my laptop once I get home from work. How is that possible? :D

By the way, since I'm dead tired (been out and about since 8AM), I cannot think and produce elaborate thinking. But I do want to write a few homework from the parenting seminar I attended this morning.

- Many kids right now (even us, the parents), don't have a good sense of self, they don't really know who they are, their strength and weaknesses and it's all because we live in a busy world that we don't even take the time to sit down and assess ourselves, to get to know more about ourselves. And that's sad because a healthy and successful person has a strong sense of self. Of course, this is a big homework that can be achieved from the little things we do/say/treat our kids everyday. For myself, I may need to write down a paragraph about myself, because when I asked to explain three things about me, I kinda have a hard time and just said the general/obvious things. Jibran needs to know about his strength and weaknesses too.

- I will involve Jibran in planning his menu for the whole week. I'm going to start with breakfast first. I'll ask him what he wants to have from Monday - Sunday, tell him to check if we have it in the kitchen. If not, then we need to go grocery shopping together and make sure he gets what he needs. I know it would be much simpler to exclude him from the planning but he needs to learn about his needs. Kerempongan itu nggak seberapa dibandingkan dengan pembelajaran yang dia dapatkan. Bisa belajar tentang harga, brand, nutrisi and even math. It's the learning process that counts. I agree that it takes a well planned individual to succeed. It goes to other areas to as big as developing a country, the government don't have a solid plan on how to build this country so this is what we have now...:(

- Kids live in a world full of threat (contoh kecil yang kita nggak sadar...lagu nina bobo aja sudah merupakan ancaman lho). There are many parents (or grandmas/nannys) who always threaten the kids that they are going to call the police/doctor/etc if the kids don't want to do things they told them to do. And little did we know that those are going to stick on their mind that they will grow up into a coward, because their childhood were full of threats. Thank goodness, I'm not one who use threat as a weapon to discipline my kids and i'm always happy to slap anyone who do that to my kids :D. But I do let them know about consequences if they don't do certain things. I just need to make sure the way I say it doesn't make it sound like a threat. Ibu Elly Risman showed us 12 style of talking that parents always do to their kids such as 'Ordering, blaming, belittling, comparing, threatening, lying, critizing, etc'..and that makes me cringe..some kids really do have to endure verbal abuse :(. I hope to never hurt my kids feeling.

- Distinguishing between my problem and the kids problem. Mbak Elaa discussed this yesterday too. When they forgot to bring their homework to school, don't help them by asking the driver to bring the book. It's their fault and let them deal with it and learn from it. I totally agree with it and fortunately it only happened one time and it was the lunch box that he forgot and I really don't have the heart to let him go hungry :D. Oh..and there was another time..and the teacher smsed me and somehow I didn't want the teacher to have an impression that I didn't care about it so yea..I asked the driver to go back and bring the book...-__-

I think that's all for now...digangguin Jehan niihh..arghhh....

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