Newest Arm Candy; Moto 360

When the smartwatch finally launched, I had a mixed feeling. Of course curious to try it but on the other I really need another species that come with a charger? From laptop to iPad to iPhone to camera to Nook to power bank to Bolt/Smartfren I think I've had enough! Besides, I'm a classic girl so I like my watch as classic as it can be.

Well, what do I know because for the past two months this Smartwatch Moto 360 is always the first one I reached for and wear. At least on the days when it wasn't low on battery cause I didn't charge it after I wear it two days. Hey I'm still getting used to having to charge a watch but at least I'm getting better.

So what is Moto 360?
An Android-based smartwatch made by Motorola.

Do I need to use Android phone to wear this?
No, I'm using iPhone and all I need is download Android Wear Apps. Although it can do much more for Android users.

Now how smart it is?

So which Dell to buy?

For the past few months, I've tried and reviewed 5 laptops from Dell. There is one for everyone at every budget with the best possible specs of course. So for my own reference and to give you some lights if you're looking for one. Here's my roundup.

For Work Purposes 
Got to hand it to XPS 13 of course and I don't even have to think twice about it. Here's the 5 things I like about this laptop. It has received so many awards from many Tech magazines worldwide so if it's good enough for those people who understand gadget at the very detail then it is good for us. This is good if you need to bring your own laptop to work or you want something more stunning than the one the company gives you. Or, if you're a freelancer. I'm still waiting for mine in gold, though :).

Trying A Gaming Laptop for The First Time

A gaming laptop!

I’m not a gamer. Not even a little bit, my memory of computer game is as old as the Packman in MS Dos. But I like to try something new so when Dell offered me to try this Inspiron 15 Gaming laptop, I’m game!

 I just have to make sure not to tell Jib about this

Apparently, one of Dell specialty is their gaming laptops. I learned more about it, particularly the Alienware family when I visited the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas last January.

So here’s my finding:

Something to be thankful for

So we've moved to the new office exactly a month ago. Lots of things to be thankful for of course I think I will make another post dedicated for that. On the meantime, you can watch the office tour from Dara's Vlog here:


Today, we had our first event in the new community center, with Hada Labo. The community center is now has its own secluded area, so there can be an event and the whole office won't be affected with the noise.  

When there is event of course there's many people from our community. It was during Ashar prayer when I went to the Musholla and realized there were 5 people praying there at the same time. 


The Red, White & Blue

Remember my first Dell from last year? Well, good news! Now it comes in different colors. White, blue, red...they have different colors to tickle your fancy.

Budget laptop at a very special design and specs. Who can resist that?

My personal favorite is this Alphine White  because I like to keep it classic without looking too boring. I have many black items, so white will be an awesome contrast for creating flatlay :D (penting banget alesannya). Untuk yang nasionalismenya tinggi banget bisa pilih yang biru karena that stunning color is called Bali Blue!

Bedanya sama yang pernah saya review sebelumnya adalah, ini nggak touchscreen! Sayang banget yaa....padahal itu salah satu fitur favorit. Tapi kan harganya juga beda dong. Ini lebih bersahabat lagi. Trus ternyata, model terbaru ini wifinya cukup long-range. Dan ini jauh lebih penting. Kamar saya di atas dan router di bawah, jadi yaa gitu deh, sinyalnya suka datang dan pergi suka-suka aja. Nah dengan laptop ini sinyal jadi lebih gampang ditangkap dan saya juga jadi lebih produktif.

Oh ya untuk yang mobile banget, dan suka ninggalin laptop di tempat yang cukup 'panas' misalnya di mobil, atau di locker room..Inspiron ini udah diuji coba di temperatur ruangan setinggi 65 derajat celcius loh. Jadi dijamin aman. 

Siapa aja yang cocok untuk pakai laptop ini?
  • Student sih udah pasti banget. The younger kids will love the color and the simplicity of it. Cocok lah ini untuk laptop pertama.
  • Any professional yang aktivitasnya seputar email, MS word, chatting dan browsing. Laptop ini udah paling bener deh.
  • Professional yang cukup mobile. Seperti yang saya tulis di atas, resistant terhadap heat, trus karena warnanya yang stylish, jadi keren aja kan kalo mau kerja di coffee shop cause this is surely a show stopper. Wifinya yang long range juga nggak bikin kita takut nggak dapat sinyal. Batrei yang tahan lama juga bikin kita nggak perlu bawa-bawa charger lagi.
  • Anyone with kids! You know how clumsy kids can be, nah keypadnya ini water resistant jadii..kita nggak perlu terlalu waspada deh ketika mereka lagi pakai laptop ini. 
  • Anyone with chubby thumbs. Haha, this would be me of course. Keyboardnya cukup spacious loh untuk laptop sekecil ini, jadi meminimalisir salah-salah ketik banget.

So, which color are you gonna get?

Is it really lonely at the top?

Look what I received from the growth squad last Friday as belated birthday present? A frame with pop up collage of my pictures with my favorite stuff and special people :). This was truly the highlight of my day! It's not everyday I get surprised/appreciated like that, especially from the team so..thank you Syahra, Inta, Sharon, Alda, Andy & Twelvi :).

This leads me to a topic I've been wanting to write.

You know, it's actually not fun being a boss, let alone a girlboss. Now I understand why so many women made it to the top. It could be a lonely place up there, really! 

As a boss, I can never please everyone (nor should I because my job is to move the company forward, even if it means making some people grumpy). In the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey, I thought that it was possible to always make everyone happy while still achieving the company's goals, but it became harder when I already have departments in the office, a bit of structure, systems and bigger goals. No matter what my decision or my intention are there will always be some people who would think it's an unfair decision.

You think being a boss mean you don't have to answer to anyone? Wrong! Hello I have Board of Directors meeting every month where I will get scrutinized on every numbers presented and  being asked questions where I don't know the answers. Try to please the BOD while at the same time please your team? Tough job right there :D. There are also clients who want to meet me instead of the sales team and if there's any problem of course they want to escalate it to me. I also have teamI have to respond to, help solve problems and come up with ideas. I even have members who would WhatsApp me in the middle of the night for any problems she might've found on our web. You see, I have many bosses and I have to make time for them.

Some people think being a boss means less work because we can delegate it easily? Pfftt, says who? When it was just 5 of us in the office, I thought by having more people I could have less work and just focus on the specific thing. Which is not the case of course, as the company grows there are even more works to be done, bigger goals to achieve and higher standards to set. Also many things just cannot be delegated to anyone.  And even if we have delegated some works, we still have to make the final decisions on a few of them.

As a boss, I have to set the pace of the company and always need to show up enthusiastic and full of energy. But you know I'm only human, I have mehhh days too but can I really look like how I feel? Of course not,  afraid of sending a negative vibe accross the office and making people wondering what has happened. I have to act like duck you know, looking all calmed and collected on the surface where I paddle like crazy below the surface. I have to watch my words, every email and every text I type on What'sApp group can be perceived wrongly making it a topic of the day during lunch conversation.

When others can whine or brag about working so late or working on the weekends..I can't because everyone will roll their eyes and be like 'D'oh, of course it's your company, you should be working around the clock'. And when I do amazing job well it's because I'm supposed to be, so nothing special here.

CEO has super salary? Well that is true when you're a CEO of a big corporation, but when you are also the founder? Bhayy...haha, it's a common practice where the CEO takes less salary compare to their top executives. It happened to me, it also happened to me (and my partners) early last year where we didn't take any salary for a few months! and we still had to look optimistic about everything when we were bleeding on the inside :o)

What else? I'm sure there's plenty more. Sometimes, as a CEO, you are expected to know everything while in fact you are just as clueless as them. Do I know any better than our IT manager or Finance manager? Of course not. And obviously, our editors know better about the latest thing in beauty than I do. So obviously I'm not the smartest in the room, add that to the stress of dealing with the complexity of business world that is filled with ambiguity and uncertainty. I have many moments of self-doubt, clueless if I'm doing the right thing or not. Those times, I can only pray and let Allah do the rest. 

By the way do you know that entrepreneurs live in fear? We drink that every morning. My biggest fear is not being good enough. 

As an entrepreneur, people like to make assumptions about you and your business. Your relatives are suddenly reaching out to you to see if you have job openings or you can squeeze in someone and magically create a position for them. Last time, SWA magazine put a picture of me with headlines 'Meraup milyaran rupiah dari online' which can send a wrong message of course because eventhough it's true, it doesn't mean anything to my bank account..haha. But too late, people already assume I'm a billionaire in which I can only say Amiiin.

As a CEO, I also get invited to so many events. And I mean s.o.m.a.n.y.  I would be attending events everyday or even a few times a day if I RSVP each one of them. I have to say no more than I say yes that I'm sure people judge me for being unreachable and arrogant.  It might be a quick event but when we accumulate the hours we spend on the road and getting ready it can be A LOT and they are the hours I can never get back. Everytime I say yes to something it means I say no to me and my priorities. And the guilt from spending less with family or work is bigger than the guilt from not attending events, media interview opportunity, talkshow invitation and other things. So that is why I'm very picky with my time. 

Bottom line is, women at the top in general are very vulnerable so imagine being a CEO, an entrepreneur and a mom :D. I'm not making it up here, just stating the fact. You can google it and read about this phenomena yourself. And really I'm not complaining cause everyone know I wouldn't have it any other way. And judging from the story from my fellow women entrepreneurs I think I have it easier than them, thank God for such an awesome team. Well let's be honest, I have a few who give me headache..hahaha.

So anyway, I'm babbling pretty long here. Moral of the story is, if you have a boss, a supervisor, someone you report to, make it a point to thank them once a while, or at least recognize their hardwork, and show them that you care because they care a lot about you and looking after you. They are always thinking of ways for you to accelerate your career, complimenting you, covering your asses to the bigger boss, proposing for a reward and other things. Just like you, they also have their own battle at work or at home. But unlike you, no one babysit them and they don't get as much as appreciation as you do. It doesn't have anything extravagant, just a simple note on email or post it will do. You never know how a simple act of kindness can be the highlight of their day and provides affirmation that they matter just like it did to me. 

Thank you again you Growth Squad, it will be forever on my desk or at least as long as you guys are here :)))

Dell Vostro 14, Finally Something Gold!

Remember this post? I finally got to try something gold from Dell. You see the keyword here? Try :D So it's not mine, but hey at least I got a chance to look all glammed up while working.

Anyway, Dell Vostro 14 seri 5459 series ini baru launch akhir tahun lalu. Dan ini adalah laptop yang paling serius dibanding dengan Inspiron dan XPS 13 yang pernah saya coba. Serius di sini dalam arti, it's build for heavy duty stuff. Yang jelas bukan untuk anak sekolah yang kegiatannya banyak seputar browsing. Kalo anak sekolah pake Inspiron aja. Ini lebih business-oriented, untuk professional yang memang banyak multitaskingnya. Waktu itu ada masanya saya buka sampai 15 tabs, ada Youtube video dengan Excell dan Word yang terbuka entah beberapa file, dan laptopnya nggak lagging sama sekali.

Trus ukuran monitornya yang 14 inch juga ideal banget sih untuk kerja. Nggak terlalu besar sampai seisi kantor bisa ngintip layar kita tapi juga nggak terlalu kecil sampai kitapun harus melihat dari dekat. Pilihan seputar keamanannya juga lebih banyak/tinggi, ada sensor sidik jarinya, dilengkapi dengan Windows 10 level security.  Trus juga serius dalam arti, hmm..kayanya sedikit lebih berat deh..haha. Atau itu hanya ilusi aja karena memang terlihat lebih mantap?

Ketahanan baterainya juga ok lah, 6 hours! I mean with most gadgets , you have to bring the charger anyway kalo memang mau keluar kantor dan akan dipakai hampir seharian, kan? So this should not be an issue. Trus juga laptop ini dilengkapi dengan dual-fan. Jadi nggak ada cerita deh tuh laptopnya panas.

Tapi walaupun lebih untuk professional, harganya lebih affordable dibanding XPS 13 loh. Vostro ini memang powerful tapi basic, kalo XPS kan lebih banyak extranya dan untuk yang pengen laptopnya lebih stylish.

Jingle Gold not your thing? They also have this in Era Grey.