The Missing KeepCup

Thank God it's not missing anymore :)

I drink coffee about twice a day, sometimes three depending on the schedule. Most of the coffee I drink is for to go obviously. Drinking in a coffee shop is a luxury I don't get to enjoy often. So imagine the trash I would have accumulated if I use paper cup? Well I was guilty of it because I just couldn't find reusable cup that I like, until I found the glass version of Keepcup! First, I found it in Blue Bottle Coffee version during my trip to San Francisco. And this orange one I found on Otten Coffee. Technically, Nopai found it and it was during their buy one get one promotion, so she got the turqouise (her color!) and I got the more unisex color so Oki can use it too although he doesn't mind using my pink tumblr.

Ramadhan Lessons

last year photo in front of the old  office with the old logo

Today is day 26 of Ramadhan. Even Jib said he can't believe that Ramadhan is almost over. Of course lah he is been sleeping at 2am, wake up for sahur and sleep again until at least noon -___- 

But gotta agree with him, this month goes by in a blink. 

Ramadhan is of course not without its blessings and lessons. I'm thankful I've been kept busy this month, meeting many important people, talking about important decisions, major presentations, doing everything I can to move the company forward. Everything that happened this Ramadhan has set a new standard and expectation. 

#MudikAman Thanks to Pasar Polis & Zurich Insurance

Before you read this post, please take a moment to watch this video.

Mudik pastinya membawa sejuta cerita ya. Saya sendiri nggak pernah ngerasain yang namanya mudik, sih. Tapi udah kebayang macet serunya. Sayangnya suka cita mudik juga dibarengin dengan angka kecelakaan yang tinggi. Makanya waktu diajak sharing di acara peluncuran program asuransi gratis dari Pasar Polis dan Zurich Insurance saya mau banget ikutan, soalnya berdasarkan pengalaman ketemu banyak perempuan di Female Daily Network dan baca percakapannya di forum masih banyak yang belum aware dengan pentingnya asuransi. Sebenernya keinginan mereka untuk mengelola keuangan dan berinvestasi itu udah gede banget, tapi banyak yang belum nyadar bahwa sebelum investasi yang paling benar adalah melindungi diri dulu dengan asuransi :).

Hello Blue Uniform

Technically, he won't be wearing blue uniform because in his school it's all about orange but you get the point, right? baby just graduated from elementary school! He did it! Of course thanks to Google and Wikipedia!

He had moving up ceremony two weeks ago, followed by Buka Bersama in school. In her speech, Najelaa Shihab, as Head of School shared how success is success nowadays, or at least for these kids is so different with the definition of success we had when we were in elementar school. It's no longer about getting good grades, but it's more if you have enjoyed the process, if you've made friends, if you've undersood how to apply the knowledge you learn into the real world and if you've made impact to those around you. To help them become a well rounded individual is the goal. Amiiin. 

Newest Arm Candy; Moto 360

When the smartwatch finally launched, I had a mixed feeling. Of course curious to try it but on the other I really need another species that come with a charger? From laptop to iPad to iPhone to camera to Nook to power bank to Bolt/Smartfren I think I've had enough! Besides, I'm a classic girl so I like my watch as classic as it can be.

Well, what do I know because for the past two months this Smartwatch Moto 360 is always the first one I reached for and wear. At least on the days when it wasn't low on battery cause I didn't charge it after I wear it two days. Hey I'm still getting used to having to charge a watch but at least I'm getting better.

So what is Moto 360?
An Android-based smartwatch made by Motorola.

Do I need to use Android phone to wear this?
No, I'm using iPhone and all I need is download Android Wear Apps. Although it can do much more for Android users.

Now how smart it is?

So which Dell to buy?

For the past few months, I've tried and reviewed 5 laptops from Dell. There is one for everyone at every budget with the best possible specs of course. So for my own reference and to give you some lights if you're looking for one. Here's my roundup.

For Work Purposes 
Got to hand it to XPS 13 of course and I don't even have to think twice about it. Here's the 5 things I like about this laptop. It has received so many awards from many Tech magazines worldwide so if it's good enough for those people who understand gadget at the very detail then it is good for us. This is good if you need to bring your own laptop to work or you want something more stunning than the one the company gives you. Or, if you're a freelancer. I'm still waiting for mine in gold, though :).

Trying A Gaming Laptop for The First Time

A gaming laptop!

I’m not a gamer. Not even a little bit, my memory of computer game is as old as the Packman in MS Dos. But I like to try something new so when Dell offered me to try this Inspiron 15 Gaming laptop, I’m game!

 I just have to make sure not to tell Jib about this

Apparently, one of Dell specialty is their gaming laptops. I learned more about it, particularly the Alienware family when I visited the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas last January.

So here’s my finding: