Tuesday, April 28, 2015

//femaledev Empowering Young Female Leaders with Technology

On Kartini's day, I was invited by Yansen to share my entrepreneurship journey at //femaledev summit. Nowadays, I prefer to do a talkshow or panel than a full presentation with slides and everything. It's usually more fun and less preparation on my side. I was on the session with Putri Tanjung, founder of Creativepreneur and a professional gamer Monica Caroline, founder of Nixia Gamer. So it was basically about the creative industry and how technology empowered us.

I received a lot of questions from students and aspiring entrepreneurs after the session as well as from the media. It was uplifting to know there are so many young female out there dreaming big and trying to design their own life. I used to think that it's better to work first before building your own business but now I believe that it's better to start as young as possible! 

Start young where you have no body depend on you financially and you don't have to worry about mortgage and pension fund so you can afford some mistakes. Start young where your body is still at its prime so you can work till the wee hours and still look like you are fully charged the next morning. Start young where you still have crazy ideas and believe that there's no limit. 

Do you know that Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey & Larry founded their companies when they were 20 something? So what are you waiting for, right? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.   

Anyway, I was asked what I want Female Daily to be in the next 5 years? I told the audience that by then, I hope all smartphones own by Indonesian women will have Female Daily apps on it. I don't know what the numbers will be, some 100 million something? But wouldn't it be awesome that something you build become a big part of people's daily life? I know it's a tall order but let's just do our best and let Allah do the rest :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Can we go back to Istanbul, please?

That is the question that the kids, especially Jibran, keep on asking me. He's been to quite a few countries, from US to Europe to Australia. But never he ask us to go back to any of those countries except Istanbul! We went there last August and did the Idul Fitri prayer at the Blue Mosque. We spent more than a week in the city, staying at the old town and the Istiklal area and explored the city by foot so much. I understand why he was so captivated by the city. It is indeed beautiful. It had been on my wishlist for quite a while and I was glad I got to go there with the family. And I was lucky to go there twice last year with the second visit for Endeavor ISP.

Istanbul is beautiful for a lot of things: the landscape, the architecture, the sightseeing, the history, the culture, the people, the park and the million things you can do there. It has a unique mix of modern and traditional, eastern and western, nature and structure.  One minute you can be in Asian continent and the next minute you'll arrive in the European continent. Only in Istanbul! It's a busy city yet it's so welcoming that even Jib said he didn't feel like a stranger there.

One of my favorite moments was when we climbed up Galata Tower right before sunset. Not only did I saw a 360 panoramic view of the city, I also witnessed how the sky turned beautiful reddish orange and the sun slowly set behind the Marmara Sea. Then when it started to get dar, lights started to sparkle from the buildings around and I could hear the sound of Adzan maghrib from every corner of the city. It was sooo beautiful it's magical.  I couldn't stop admiring and being grateful to be there to see one of Allah magic works.

More pictures...

Friday, April 24, 2015

On Upgrading Yourself

Every Monday, we have a sharing session in the office where we update everyone on what's going on, what we are working on, the progress, announcement and everything. The update can be just a one liner or something that involves a presentation. Then, at the end of the session someone will present about a topic that interest him/her, and it can be about anything, doesn't have to be about work at all. Recent topics included:

  • How to survive a horror movie! haha, this one was hilarious. 
  • Bagaimana supaya tidak terkena begal. This one was important but the advices were amusing
  • Kiat supaya bisa bertahan sampai gajian berikutnya :D
  • 10 ways to stimulate your brain
  • What your body language says about you
  • Top mispronounced words in English
Last Monday, Manda was sharing about a topic that is soo dear to her heart :D , what else but Bahasa Indonesia. Judging from the emails I receive everyday sadly there are more people who are clueless compare to those who use Bahasa Indonesia properly. And they are professionals, college educated and all. As a former proofreader and editor, she makes it her mission to make everyone in the office know the difference between Rubah vs Ubah.

She started with this image:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Satu Kata Tentang Kartini

LOVE LOVE LOVE this video created by our creative team. Good job Dhany for coming up with the idea although some cheated with two or more words..haha..


I went through the draft folder and found this written in 2012. To make it more current, let me throw in a recent Today's Outfit picture in here :D

Montreal Sweater by KNOTHINKNEW | Zara Pants | YSL Tribute Shoes


Last Friday, I had quite a hectic morning schedule. I had 8 AM appointment with my trainer, so I left the house around 7:20 with Jehan, and she dropped me off in the gym first before going to school. I took a shower in the gym and went to hair salon right away to get my hair blow dried because I was about to get my picture taken for my profile in SWA. And then I stopped by at Starbucks, by 10AM I already sat in the meeting room with our partner from Singapore.

One of the things that I'm forever grateful for is the living arrangement I have now. My house is not far from the office and the kids school. Even Oki's office is still considerably near. Not to mention that I live practically in the same roof with my mom and my sister family. Everything is available in Kemang (where the office is located) area, so our activity is just revolved around the area.

So when people ask me how I can do all that, the answer is simply because I'm just lucky to have everything within reach. I cannot imagine if I have to go through the horrendous 2 hours traffic to get to the office or if I don't have a driver to take and pick up my kids to school. I don't want to sound righteous by claiming I have a good time management skill or that I work really hard to get to the point of where I'm at right now. Some things I experience is based on my own hard work, but there are luck factor that contributes into the whole thing. Like when we found the house that have two different areas in one compound so my mom and I can still live together. Or my luck in finding and keeping domestic helpers and other things.

A lot people thought that having a business means you will have a very flexible schedule. That is somewhat true. Although I go to the office everyday, I have more freedom to manage and rearrange it should I have family matters I need to attend to. But there are also many times when I can't come to the briefing in my kids' school because I already set a meeting with clients or people from overseas that make you feel bad about cancelling the meeting. And workload wise, it is way heavier than if you're employed by a company because you don't have a specific job to work on, you have almost everything on your plate.

As an entrepreneur, we don't have a job description.  I don't work only whenever I want to. I go to the office everyday, most of the time among the first few people arrived. And it's not rare I found myself the last to go home too. Often time, I bring my laptop home and would continue work until past midnight or find myself in a coffee shop on the weekend.  To have more time for work, I rarely take long lunch. Most of the time it's a delivery or a takeout. I never go out with friends! Well, maybe once every 3 months to have dinner or lunch. I never walk around mall just because. I only go to malls to have meetings or press event to attend, or if the kids need to buy something. I also don't watch TV! It's been more than a year that I never turn my TV on. Oh and I also never go to a spa, not even once and if I go to a salon it's because of a haircut, or a quick blow dry for big events, not for luxury treatment. To shorten time, I usually shampoo the hair at home so I can just get it blow dried right away.

What else? I'm sure there are more things that I do/don't do to accommodate my role as an entrepreneur, a mother and a wife (and daughter, granddaughter, sister, daughter in law, etc, etc). One thing for sure, there are a lot of things that we sacrifice or giving up too.

So anyway, I'm just rambling :D

Monday, April 20, 2015

#GIRLBOSS, A Must-Read Book

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can always start today and make a new ending. And Sophia Amoruso is a living proof of that statement. Bayangin aja, dulu dia nggak pernah jelas sekolahnya, nggak pernah enjoy sekolah sampai akhirnya home-schooling dan nggak kuliah. Kerjanya ya sebatas low-paying job di Subway atau di toko buku. Pernah makan bagel dari tempat sampah saking nggak punya uang dan bahkan sering shoplifting!

But it's all changed when she started selling vintage clothing on eBay during her boring job checking ID at the University. Little did she know it turned into NastyGal

The rest you just have to read it yourself. I love this book because it's written in a very personal way. I can relate with so many things written in the book, being a #Girlboss as well, starting something from zero out of boredom. And she takes her email password very seriously too! haha. Many of my passwords are actually something on my wish list and I have encouraged the people in the office to do the same. That way, you are always reminded of your dreams and they stay close to your heart. But now that every password is in auto save, I have to find another way. 

Something from the book:

I believe in magic. I believe that everything you say and do and every intention that you have and every password that you type in and every scribble that you make and every hair that falls out of your head is related somehow to something else that is manifesting in ways you may or may not be aware off.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Grateful and The Ignorant

Last week, we were interviewing people for some position in the office. We always do a back to back interview in one batch, unless it's a director position, then we'll take a more personal approach.

Anyway, of course there's all kind of people with their own characters and personalities. And we usually know either we want to hire them or not within the first 5 minutes. There were many times when I told them straight away at the end of the interview that there won't be a follow up. I did it to save my time and their time and energy. And I don't have to feel bad because they won't leave the office with a false hope.

To my surprise, one of the interviewees last week has disability. He had physical disability as well as problems in speaking where he spoke in garbled manner, which is hard to understand what he was saying word per word. On paper, his experiences look really good, which is why we invited him for an interview. I couldn't help but wonder whether he was born like that or is it something that happened recently. Either way, his accomplishment is amazing. Not once he mentioned about his limitation, making it an excuse. He didn't even see the need to explain himself. With him, it's all business. He was also full of life, excited to take on more challenges and shared his past experiences with pride.

On the other hand, the next interview was this young woman who looked promising on paper. She get both her bachelor and master overseas and just started a new job but already looking for another opportunity because she wants something...err...closer from her house. And her current office is not too far from Kemang. She doesn't know anything about Female Daily and she asked how multitasking is her job gonna be and did/said other interview mishaps. Argghh, I was done after the first 5 minutes. It's just so sad when people have all the privileges but they don't use it to their advantage. And worse, they have this deep sense of self entitlement even before proving their worth.

So there, two very different individuals. One of them is grateful to be given the opportunity to live by doing more. The other one just seems to take things for granted.
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