Monday, February 8, 2016

Welcoming the new member in the office

This time, is not a human....

but a refrigerator :D.

When the delivery men carried it from the truck to the pantry, the whole office clapped...haha. Kasian yaah, katanya udah diinvest tapi beli kulkas aja girang!

The truth is, even though we have been invested, we still maintain the startup and frugal mentality. We never used the money that doesn't correlate directly with growth. So we don't suddenly have fancy office and facilities.


But now we have more people, so there's more items. We get sent so many food and cakes and since Lotte supermarket opens just a few steps away from the office, we love to shop there and stock up some more food. Some of us also like to grocery shop during lunch and put frozen food in there before we bring it home. And then there's the nursing mothers who pumps breastmilk and store it in the refrigerator. So yes, a new refrigerator is in order.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

First day of the year

How did you spend the first day of January? I started the day with tears cause I had to say goodbye to my cousins. It was their last day of visiting us in LA because school was almost starting.

It was the first time I met the youngest of the sibling. Her name is Eidra. She is 9 years old. She and Jehan just hit it off right away like they've known each other for so long. It's amazing to see Jehan easily opened up to her. She usually won't talk to new people, no matter their ages. 

So there we were right at the gate, waiting for them to board the plane. She was so quite trying to control her emotion. I hugged her and put her on my lap and caress her hair while trying to hold my tears. She might not know this, but she inspired me a lot during the whole week she stayed with us. I admire her for being brave, flying 5 hours only with her brother as an unaccompanies minors, to a city she has never been, to see people she had never met before. She is also the sweetest kid I've seen. Very cheerful, positive, patient and nurturing. Her mom said she was a picky eater, but she happily tried new food with us. Maybe you'd see it as nothing special but I know how her family has been facing adversity for the past two months. So it's amazing to see her so calm and courageous. 

As soon as she landed in Tampa, her mom message me with this..

Friday, December 11, 2015

Female Daily Best of Beauty Awarding Night 2015

Finally, we had our first best of beauty awarding night last November 17. This is something we have talked about since loooong time ago, so it felt surreal to finally make it to live.  If you want to know winners you can click here for skincare, makeup and hair body & nail. Yep, we have 3 categories now so there are almost 70 product categories and that many winners. Everything is purely member votes so whoever the winners are, it's all members choice.

What made that night even more special was the 2 videos that were played in the beginning of the event, thanks to our talented video team. I've watched the video before but watching it in the big screen of Soehanna hall made it even more emotional. I couldn't believe that our journey can be captured so well in such a short video. Imagining it makes me want to shed tears of happiness already.

Anyway, another thing that also made the event special was the fact that our community helped made it possible. First, of course by filling out the survey that recceived 7200 responses. And the rest is by doing these things below...

Syita, the project coordinator. Syita is one of our first community members who then joined Female Daily as an intern. She joined us full time as she graduated for until 2 years ago when she decided to go full force on her Amaya Wedding business. Having her to coordinate so many things in the event is a blessing because she made it easy and smooth for us. Witnessing how far she has grown, leading the team and being in a full-authority mode makes me burst with pride. I love seeing a #girlboss like her that take full charge of her life. This girl will go places :).

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Meeting The Idol

When I received email from Gyanda informing me about the video shoot, the talent and the project I just stucked in one name and replied..

Bambang Pamungkas?

So he skipped school on that day and he even brought my cousins along who also skipped school..haha..this is more important than classes, right? He was nervous and shy but at the same time he couldn't hide his excitement. He was happy and I was more than happy to see him next to one of Indonesia's best players. May it helps keep his dream alive :). 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

10 Ten of Asia

Thank you Top Ten of Asia Magazine for including me as one of the ten most inspiring young business women of Indonesia for your October issue. You can read more here 

One of the interview questions was, what has inspired you?

A lot! 
I’m easily inspired by the movie I watch, the song I heard, the people I meet in my everyday life, my mom, my grandma, my husband, my kids, my team, the younger generation and the awesome women who have become my role models.  And even though I can say that I’m living my dreams, there are still more that I want to achieve and the fact that I’m not there yet, drives me.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Von Dutch Chronicle

I got this long sleeve Von Dutch t-shirt for Jib back in 2004. 11 years ago. A lot of Jibran clothes was unisex. So I kept it for Jehan where she got to wear it in 2010 (bottom picture). It's now worn by their cousin Azzura who is 4 years old :D. I won't be surprised if it's being handed down to her little brother Azzam. We'll see :)

Anyway, this shows that a good quality clothes will last a long time, no matter how many times it gets worn and washed as long as we give it a proper care. This way, we don't spend money as much and don't trash the planet even more. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A different kind of Monday

Today doesn't feel like the usual Monday I know. Monday that is always start with sharing session and back to back update meetings. It's because I didn't go to the office today :D. I had to go to Jib school in the afternoon which is already on the side of where I live, so in the name of efficiency I decided to work from home in the morning. I like working from home because I usually get more things done. There's no distraction at all when the kids are in school and I have more time to work because I don't have to go through traffic, get ready or even take a shower.            

So we had a three way conference today (students, parents, teachers) where the students let us know what they have learned in recent terms, what they need to improve, what their strengths and a step by step action plan on what they are going to get better. And then the parents have to write down what role we're going to play in helping the kids achieve their goals. At the end, both of us have to sign it, cause when you sign it it's gonna happen, right?

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