Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thank You, Stranger :)

UntitledI went for a morning jog today at the Car Free Day, and as usual, I waited for Oki at Starbucks. I was planning to do some work but when I just opened my laptop, someone just sat on the table next to me and stroke a conversation about our twin laptop.

So we talked for quite a while. One topic led to another and we ended up talking about Female Daily Network :). I showed him the websites and he asked a lot of questions about the business, the team, how it all started and everything. He listened to my story with enthusiasm, he looked genuinely happy and excited for me. He gave me compliments a few times and told me I had found an unbelievable niche, 'there's a lot you can do with women and the business of making them feel and look beautiful', he said. He looked at me in the eye and told me that I will be very very successful in the future. When he finished his coffee, he said he wanted to wish me luck but he said he knows I won't need any more luck :).

Wow, what a nice encounter with a stranger  named Robert who comes all the way from Chicago for a short visit in Jakarta. He seemed to know that any entrepreneurs can appreciate a pat in the back once a in a while. I didn't get a chance to do any work at all, but I walked out all smiles and was touched by the kindness :).

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Morning Ride

Hari Jumat minggu lalu, saya naik taksi pagi-pagi dari Wisma Mulia ke Plaza Senayan. Kebetulan, yang lewat duluan taksi Express. Tadinya agak ragu, sih tapi setelah dipikir kan jaraknya nggak jauh yaa, jadi nggak papa deh. Ternyata, supirnya baik sekali dan seneng banget ngobrol.Topiknya apalagi kalo bukan pilpres.  Semangat banget dia ceritanya apalagi kalo ngomongin Jokowi & Ahok. Dia udah nggak sabar untuk melihat apa yang dua orang ini akan lakukan karena selama ini dia cukup takjub dengan ide-ide dan kerja keras mereka. 'Berapa banyak itu mbak pegawai negri yang lagi ketar ketir sekarang karena biasanya ongkang-ongkang kaki aja..bagus lah biar pada kerja beneran' katanya. Lalu dia terus bercerita tentang keluarga Prabowo yang katanya berasal dari kampung yang sama. Dia juga banyak menyebutkan nama-nama dan kejadian-kejadian seru sepanjang proses pilpres ini. He seems to understand about politic really well he put me to shame.

Pas sampai daerah Senayan, dia cerita kalau anaknya baru saja lulus dari Metrologi D3 ITB, dapat beasiswa dari Deperindag, katanya. Sekarang lagi mau nerusin S1. Baru-baru ini, dia ajak anaknya ke pameran universitas di JCC, 'ya biar liat aja ada pilihan apa di luar Indonesia sana walaupun cuma lewat brosur'. 

And I thought wow here is someone who is not afraid to dream big. Anaknya pun diajarkan untuk punya mimpi besar. Banyak lho orang tua yang ngerasa nggak mampu dan akhirnya membatasi dan menyabotase mimpi anaknya sendiri, something that makes me really really sad. Dia bilang dia juga siap untuk kerja keras supaya bisa support cita-cita anaknya. Not one time he whined about the challenge he has to endure. Being a taxi driver in Jakarta I'm pretty sure there are a lot to complain! 

That was a huge morning inspiration for me. Yep, inspiration is everywhere from just about anyone, we only need to open our eyes and listen.

By the way, I was also happy that we finally have leaders who make people like him excited. Faith to government has finally been restored :). Here's to a better Indonesia and to more people like my taxi driver who is very optimistic and dare to dream big.

Friday, August 22, 2014

1st Semester Wrapped Up

Last month, right before Idul Fitri break, we had potluck 'bukber' in the office. We shared the growing numbers of our members, traffic, sales and other achievements during the first 6 months of 2014. Happy that we improved a lot compared to the first 6 months of last year. Thank you for all of your contribution, team :)). 

In the spirit of Ramadhan and closing the 1st semester on a good note, we shared 3 things we were thankful for that happened to us recently. It was good to hear everyone's story and it felt good to share, too however small it seems. There were times when were were so caught up with things at work that we forgot to be grateful for the 'little' things we take for granted. 

One of the things that I was thankful for was the fact that I was healthy.  The few months before had been a little rough on my health. I think I have visited more doctors in the past months that I have been in my adult life, outside of pregnancy period.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Kemaren kantor Female Daily diliput sama Bloomberg TV dan salah satu pertanyaannya..

Apa sih yang diperlukan seorang woman entrepreneur?

Pastinya banyak yaaa! A business is a business, whether it is run by man or woman, kebutuhannya pasti sama. However, women are multirole. Ya sama sih, laki-laki juga pasti ada yang seorang ayah, anak, kakak dan adik. Tapi tetep ya level of involvementnya beda. Pasti perempuan yang lebih aktif urus anak, rumah dan keluarga besarnya. Jadi menurut saya memang ada sih yang sangat-sangat dibutuhkan perempuan, yaitu partner!

Nggak kebayang lah judulnya kalo misalnya saya harus manage Female Daily sendirian. Basically karena perempuan adalah makhluk yang multi-role, kita ini nggak bisa selalu tancap gas kalo di bisnis. Nggak bisa selalu on 100% and dedicate as much time as men. Ada saatnya keluarga butuh perhatian lebih, misalnya pas anak sakit, pas nggak ada mbak di rumah, pas anak lagi ujian sekolah, bagi rapot, pindahan rumah, kebutuhan lebaran, urusan traveling, ini itu dan sebagainya. Jadi selalu ada masa-masanya kita slow down dan mengurusi hal-hal lain yang lebih perlu perhatian kita. Dan ini lumayan sering terjadi, lho. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Birthday Wish

I turned 35 last week :o)

It just felt like another day, though. Of course when you get older, you stop making a fuss about your birthday, avoiding questions about age. As if you need another reminder that you are now a year older and getting closer to 40.

Birthday, along with new year is usually the time when I contemplate and evaluate what I've been doing this past year and beyond. Other than the few bags and watches, along with some much needed traveling, I'm pretty content with everything else right now :D. I think I can say that I'm living my dream. Almost everything that I have is something that was once a dream. The house, the school, the business, the husband, the office, the passion and so many other things. Some of those things that I daydreamed was unthinkable, like I had no idea how they where going to happen. But I visualized them anyway.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

15 Sessions Later...

Last week was the last day of my session with the PT, so of course he had to make it a memorable one :D. I will definitely subscribe for another PT session once my knee is fully healed.

Three weeks ago, my left knee hurt really bad. It used to only hurt when I run, usually after the 2k mark. And this was happened  after my trip to the States last October. That’s why I rarely run anymore. But on Sunday around three weeks ago, I knelt down on my knee a lot when I was watching Jehan’s performance. A few hours later, I was limping L.

So anyway, after x-ray and visit to two doctors, I was diagnosed by a dislocated knee.  Nothing specific that triggers it but it something that has been build up over the months or maybe years.  Perhaps running made it worse, perhaps I was wearing the wrong shoes, or perhaps it’s just a bad anatomy on my knee :D.

I’m doing therapy by myself know and taken medication. I have bonded with my flats too. I am limited when it comes to exercise. But guess what, the doctor say that I should keep on exercising. I just have to choose the ones that are friendly for the knees like cycling, swimming, walking and even weight training provided I’m under supervision.  For now, I should limit weight training to the ones that don’t use knee that much, so mountain climbers, lunges and even squat have to be avoided. 

Thank God I have a personal trainer!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Basic Workout Movement that Works

Gym, dengan segala alat-alat canggihnya itu terkadang bisa bikin intimidated, terutama ketika kita datang untuk pertama kalinya. Belum lagi kalau melihat orang-orang lain yang sangat percaya diri melakukan exercise dan juga terlihat akrab satu sama lain. Waktu saya baru sign up dengan PT, yang saya pikir adalah saya akan menggunakan semua mesin-mesin tersebut satu persatu. 

Ternyata salah!

Setelah beberapa sesi dengan PT, hanya ada beberapa mesin yang pernah saya gunakan. Sisanya? Selain TRX yang sudah saya ceritakan di sini, adalah strength training tanpa menggunakan alat apapun dan sisanya dengan alat bantu seperti barbell, dumbbell, medicine ball dan viper. Intinya, menggunakan alat-alat yang bisa dibeli untuk latihan sendiri di rumah kalau lagi nggak sempet ke gym atau mungkin mau meneruskan sendiri karena udah jago. Ciyee :D.

Jadi itu lah salah satu manfaatnya menggunakan PT kalau menurut saya, karena ‘knowledge transfernya’ yang akan selalu bisa digunakan selamanya. Nah latihan apa aja sih selama ini yang selalu diajarkan dan bisa dilakukan di mana aja? Berikut beberapa contoh:

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