Dear Je....

October 01, 2011


I didn't know that a three year old can become a coffee addict!. There has been a few times that you asked me to stop by to a coffee shop on the way to our destination. 'Mommy, nanti sebelum ke rumah temen mommy kita beli kopi dulu yah' :). That's exactly what you said when I asked you to come with me to my friend's baby akekahan. You have even started to ask for your own cup at Starbucks. And I'm trying to hold it for as long as I can to buy you your very own latte :D.

This morning was no exception. Right before breakfast, you specifically asked you wanted a cup of coffee. I usually just share you some of mine but now that I rarely drink coffee in the morning, I didn't make one for myself. And of course, I didn't want to make a cup just for yourself because that would be too much. So I made you a cup of hot Milo instead. And you, being a coffee lover that you are, can tasted that it's not a real coffee. 'Bukan yang rasanya kaya gini, Mommy...'. Then you went to the kitchen, opened up the cabinet and took Bunda's Indocafe Coffeemix and said 'Yang ini lhoo yang Jehan mau'...:o). So I made you half a cup and then we sit at the back porch and eat our breakfast. Such a simple moment that make life worth living :)

*taken on September 13. Written today because I miss her so much since she is on a weekend trip to Bandung with her grandma :')

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  1. Jehan reminds me of my youngest so much... (and makes me wanna have a girl!) hehe.

  2. Well since you're still oh so still have time for a girl :))