Definitely not a piece of cake

September 12, 2011

On the left is a picture of an empty cup of Starbucks Double Shot Ice Shaken Espresso. It's mine. Drank at 7 at night on a Saturday night so I could stay awake until the witching hour to do some power point presentation work, while everyone has comfortably tucked inside their blankets, or laying low catching up with the latest movies on their DVD. Cause the single shot just doesn't do it anymore. Cause the regular work hour on weekdays is not enough anymore to do all the work. Cause I don't have the heart to leave the kids any more than I have left them for the sake of completing all the works.

This reminds me of what Shaherose, founder of Women 2.0 said at StartupLokal meet up: "Being an entrepreneur is a lonely journey".

It is indeed can be a long and lonely journey. One that doesn't come with a set destination. One that doesn't come with a manual. One that you just can't share the burdens to everyone. What it takes is perseverance for no one can survive without it.

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