What is a good day for you?

May 26, 2011

Despite being the first day of my period. In the end, I feel that today is a good day. I now feel relax and content. Today's formula of a good day is:
- I had time with my kids where I wasn't in a hurry or had to check my phone every now and then
- I had eye to eye conversation with them and listened to their story
- I cooked a meal for Oki
- I had dinner together with the kids
- Jehan, the relatively picky eater tried new food!. She ate a lot since I got home at 5: 30. A small chunk of banana bread I made last night, lots of mangoes, rice & chicken curry (most of the sauce was washed away first since it was kinda spicy), and she tried a piece of tofu I made for Oki and finished off with cup of chocolate milk.
- Jibran started to write in his little journal and we read together.
- Jehan read me her favorite Dora goes to the doctor story for 5 minutes. It was the cutest thing. I recorded it but she pressed the delete button accidentally. I was actually planning to let the girls at the office listen to it tomorrow *emang orang tua nggak boleh pamerin anaknya :D*
- Before she dozed off, she asked for a hug a few times and felt asleep in my arms :')



So in the end, it's all about whether I was there for my family or not and as long as I'm making memories with them, all is well with the world.

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