Welcome to my blog :)

I've been blogging since 1999 and looks like I have no plan on stopping :).

During my first few years of blogging, I mainly blogged about daily life as a college student.

In 2002, I created www.klikmarketing.com, a blog about anything related to marketing. I was a business student, majoring in marketing at that time, so I felt the need to have a place where I can put what I learned in school, my observation about marketing practices and post marketing articles worth reading. When senior year came, I got busier so the blog was neglected before I finally closed it down. After I got married and have kids, I wrote more about family life and my kids milestone (mostly my first because I didn't have much time to blog at all when I had my second child).

In 2005, I created  www.fashionesedaily.com. In early 2009, I decided to focus on blogging and grow it into a business. It's then transformed into to www.femaledaily.com with the addition  www.mommiesdaily.com and www.girlsbeyond.id (2020) with more than 100 people in it.  So yes, it is indeed possible to turn your hobby into business :)

Me as a person

My full name is Hanifa Ambadar, people usually just call me Hani. Hanzky has been my Internet identity since 1998, or since I met my husband :D. That's right, Hanzky is short for Hani - Rizky. Sounds cheesy, I know :D.

I now live in Jakarta since 2008 after spending 10 years in USA. First in Carbondale, Southern Illinois and then I moved to St. Louis, Missouri. I've lived in Perth, Australia for a year before that and in Singapore for a few short months.

I've been married since 2003 and now have 2 kids, Jibran and Jehan. You'll see them a lot in this blog. There are times when I miss my simple life as a stay at home mom in St. Louis, but I'm enjoying my current role too as the CEO of Female Daily Network. I feel so privileged for the opportunities that have been thrown my way. It's a shame if I don't thrive to do my best, right?

Things I love: books, capturing memories through pictures, people, de-cluttering, home interior, traveling and visiting new places, nurturing something into being (you might call it entrepreneurship), and all things beautiful (Yes, including bags, shoes and the blings). I'm also an observant by nature. I like to challenge my self and I can be too hard on my self sometimes. I blame my self on everything that goes wrong at home, or at work. I'm also a dreamer and a big believer on visualization. People who know me best would describe me as a dream catcher :). 

For me, blogging is my attempt to sit down, to put things into perspective and to maintain my sense of self apart of what I do at work. Life as a mother of two and a company to run can be quite challenging at times that I wish time would just slow down for a little bit. But that never happens in my side of the world :)

Me as an Entrepreneur 

A seasoned player in the digital media space, armed with the skills of understanding women and consumer behavior. My track record in starting, building and running Female Daily Network since late 2005 has proven that I have the vision, persistence, and capabilities to grow the business, create various monetization models, manage the community, and adapt well to the ever-changing dynamics of a rapidly growing Internet business. I'm a passionate and determined entrepreneur with a mission to give meaningful impact and experience to the community and everyone linked in the digital ecosystem.

  • Female Daily Network
  • Endeavor Entrepreneur
  • SWA Young N Cool Entrepreneurs 2013
  • Indonesia Digital Women Award 2013
  • SWA 100 Digital Entrepreneurs 2012

About this blog
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Equipment: Old photos are taken either with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Canon 35mm f/1.4L and 24-105 mm f4L or iPhone.  Newer ones are usually taken with Fuji Film X100s. 

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