So how did the resolution go?

January 09, 2011

I know it's only been a week, but I'm planning to evaluate all of them, at least once a month because what's the purpose of having goals if we don't keep them on track, right?

On living a healthier life!
I brought Oki lunch for three times, that's not bad at all although I have to admit that the meal wasn't prepared by me. Two were from his mom while one was especially prepared by Mbak Nur :D. We went grocery shopping today and bought some veggies and fruits for making yummy and healthy smoothies. I haven't prepared the weekly meal, but I did cook today for the family. It was Mac & Cheese for them and sardines with cutup chillies and shallots for me. I even made a homemade spring roll and rolled more than 50 of them. Oki & Jehan love it and I couldn't be happier :D. For dinner, Oki made us spaghetti bolognaise and I made the garlic bread. I think we should do this more often :).

On spending more and save less
Hmm..I've brought home 3 Zara pants (they were on sale and I have no pants aside from jeans), a Tod's bag (again, on sale too and something I'm gonna treasure forever). A pair of Seychelles shoes from Rococo Rack (yes, another sale haul and I swear I need low heeled shoes for everyday wear). I think that's's not too bad if you don't take the Tod's bag into consideration. But hey, I only buy bag every four months or so and this wasn't an I think I'm doing Ok..I just need to cut down on my Starbucks visit :D.

Oh and I did hit the treadmill yesterday and ran for 20 minutes. That's like the longest I have ever been on a treadmill :D. I played around with the speed by changing it to high speed for two minutes and then slowed it down for two minutes and then back on a sprint. It suits me more than the regular/steady speed.

On spending more time with the family
Today was quite an accomplishment that we were able to stay at home for the whole day and cooked for everyone :D. I'm going to spend the first half of Tuesday with my mom going to Connex to look up some schools for Ibnu. I had lunch with my friends (in Central Park, no less :D) and went to Startuplocal and dinner with Ella. Need to visit my grandma and arrange something for Jibran's birthday so the whole family can gather together. I'm helping my uncle who lives in Florida by writing him a hardship letter. I also had a quick meeting with my sister and my aunt to talk about the project they are planning. I've been waking up earlier too and I set up an Adzan apps on my phone so I can always be reminded to do the five times everywhere I go.

On exploring new hobby
Sadly I haven't taken pictures at all. I'm planning to get a Lensbaby though to have some fun with the camera. And I'm writing now :)

Overall, it's not too shabby for the first nine days...

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