Approaching End of The Year

November 22, 2011

Oh wow..a little more than a month into the new year. Where did the time go?

So many things happened during these last two months. Be it in business, family or personal issue. It's been one emotional ride. At times it was exciting, encouraging, the next day it was frustrating, time consuming and energy draining. So many party involved, so many meetings and emails being exchanged, so many documents need to be verified.

Last week was quite a turning point. I experienced 24 hours of hell!! But hey, I always believe that nothing is coincidence. Things always happen for a reason and that relates to a bigger scheme of things. So yes, I tried to see it as an expensive lesson because sometimes we just have to learn the hard way. I used the moment as a tool to reevaluate everything, to examine why things happen the way they did, to have a moment to reflect which eventually lead to self development and improvement.

It was definitely a reality check, made me even more realize with what I have been blessed to have and experience. It really is unfair if I don't give it my all and strive to like like it's my last day. I've always thought I'm one grateful individual. Turned out, I too have moment where I lose my balance. At least it's humbling to know that I'm only human after all, need to stay alert and make sure my guard is always on.

Cannot be even more thankful now. Let's go back to basic and move on!

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