Working Out Diary...

June 29, 2011

One of my new year resolutions is to get fit, toned and live a healthier lifestyle. Of course I fail. I did the first attempt of trying to be healthier, that was to get my general health check up. Surprisingly I turned out to be healthy...and then after that I forgot all about the plan. In total, I stepped on the treadmill about three times for the last 6 months :(. My weight skyrocketed! I gained about 5 kilos :((. I definitely look chubbier and if I met relatives, they would ask the same thing, "Lagi isi ya Han?". My clothes don't fit me anymore, and I have a lot of clothes but nothing seem to fit just right. I'm tired of spending money and getting new clothes :((. I knew I had to do something but laziness took the best of me :(.

This morning, Mommies Daily published an article about Keluarga Nugraha, who are a household name for mommies bloggers as Astri, the mom is always been sort of an inspiration for all mommies. I took a peek to her blog and learned that she is on a mission to have a smaller waist and belly line. I mean, if you look at her, most women would kill to have a body like her yet she is still very determined to have a fat free figure. Despite living with 4 kids in Australia with no help of nanny, running a very busy, one women show catering business, some design projects, a garden to attend and gazillion activities, she still manages to spare 30 minutes every single day to step on the treadmill. It's a hard slap on my face that I always have 'How could I find the time to do it' excuse to justify my laziness. I guess I just didn't want it bad enough :(. If I wanted it that bad, I would find a way.

So this morning, I grabbed my running shoes and turned on the treadmill and ran for 20 minutes. I don't think I can do this everyday, but three times a week shouldn't be hard to maintain. So that's my goal for July and I HAVE to do it before Ramadhan comes or else I will have too many kilos to shed. I measured my waistline too so I can compare it in the next couple of weeks.

Here's the statistic:

  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Waistline: 83 cm
  • Belly button: 94 cm
  • Thigh: 58 cm
The goal:
  • Definitely want to lost weight to 53 kilos (I don't know how long it's gonna take)
  • Trimming down the Cms so I can fit into my jeans
The plan:
  • Run 4 times a week (I'm still figuring out the best combination of speed & time, but I figure I should burn 100 calories every treadmill session)
  • Eat more fruits and less unhealthy snacks
  • Reduce my lunch rice intake (at least set aside 1/4 of the portion)
  • If it's possible, no rice at all at night especially after 7. And if I have to eat rice...5 spoons maximal.

Pheww...wish me luck :)

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  1. Hai Mbak,
    Izin sharing, ya.. Aku juga dulu sempat mengalami yang Mbak Hanzky alami.

    Tahu persis luar dalam harus olahraga, atau mengurangi makan, tapi tetep keukeuh ga jaga badan.

    Untungnya, nih, aku dilamar. Yang mengharuskan memesan kebaya. Aku sempet lari di treadmill, tapi cuma tahan 15 menit. Hahaha. Tapi, banggaaaa sekali :p

    Di hari ngukur kebaya, hahaha.. entah kenapa tiba2 aku diare, Mbak. Jadi aku mendadak kurus. Aku tanya desainernya, she said "Wah, udah nih, ga usah diet lagi." Wah.. besar kepala, dong. Makan junkfood all weeks, deh.

    Tiba saatnya fitting, aku kayak ditampar. Waktu itu ditemenin sama calon suami (skr sudah suami) hehehe.. Dan tahu ga apa yang terjadi, risletingnya sama sekali ga bisa diapa2in karena stuck di pantat :(

    Desainernya megangin ujung risleting, si suami di pangkalnya. Disuruh nahan nafas, tetep aja ga bisa diresleting. Sampai akhirnya jebol :(

    Akhirnya, aku bertekad harus olahraga. harus diet dari junk food, gorengan, dan nasi. Goalnya cuma 1, i wanna be look good on my wedding :p

    Awalnya, aku cuma bisa 20 menit. Speed di 3, lalu 5 selama 2 menit. Kadang 1 menit. Lama-lama, naik 30 menit, speed 3 dan speed 5 ke 6. And then one day, ga tau kenapa, tau2 udah 45 menit, dan sudah 150 cal. Mau berhenti, sayang.. Bulatlah jadi 1 jam, 200 cal. Hihihi tapi aku sih cemen, speednya slow, 3, 5, 6. Soalnya kata temenku, yang penting lo lari terus, speed berapapun terserah. Naik turun speed lebih bagus, tapi yang paling penting adalah durasi.

    Entah kekuatan dari mana, kalau kata temenku yang tadi (she's an athlete, livin in Bandung, and she's like my virtual coach via bbm haha) itu namanya endurance.. aku bisa 1 jam treadmill setelah 3 bulan, mbak. Jadi selama 2 bulan, ya 30, 20, kadang 45 menit.

    Hihi bukannya mau sok, sih, mbak.. Aslinya aku ini pemalas dan pemakan junk food. I was so fat (and I'm petite, ehm ehm 143 cm, 46 kilos) but I couldn't stand up after lying down on carpet while watching dvd. yep! Somebody has to pull me up :p

    Tapi, lama-lama, enak juga, nih, olaharga. Setiap keringat keluar, aku ngerasa happy. Kayak menang lomba. Hahaha. Dan memang bener, makin lama, makin dikit porsi makannya.

    in 3 months, aku berhasil nurunin 5 kilo. :p Sampai korset kebaya harus dirombak ulang karena kelebihan 6 cm.

    Semangat, ya, Mbak!!!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing acidbabe...aku senang bacanya :)). Pasti jadi ok banget badannya pas pake kebaya yaa..mudah2an sekarang juga masih singset...nggak kaya aku..hehehe. Sekarangpun udah nggak diterusin lagi olahraganya gara2 kemaren2 ini sibuuukk banget dan tau2 udah puasa aja. Tapi udah tekad sih abis lebaran harus bener2. Udah nggak enak banget pake bajunya, sesek semua :((