The Morning Rush

March 09, 2011

One of my new year resolutions is to wake up early! But I have been a failure on that area so far. Like today for example, I woke up at 6:10 because I kept on pressing the snooze button even though I set up the alarm at 5: 45!. Jibran is supposed to leave for school at that time. So I quickly woke him up and ushered him to the bathroom. I did Subuh prayer and fell back to sleep until he woke me up 10 minutes later. I then prepped him to school, helped him dressing up, toasted his bread and took him to the car. It was already 6:45.

I then went back to the room, three flight upstair, did the usual 'morning routine' :p, this is where I try to slowly regain my soul :D. After that, I prepared my clothes and took a shower. I think I was out of the shower by 7:25, already got my makeup done and changed my bag. Jehan just woke up so we went downstair. I wanted to bath her right away but being a 3 year old with her own mind and schedule, she wanted to eat her cereal first. So I prepared my morning coffee while waiting for her to finish her breakfast. I didn't make the instant coffee anymore where all I have to do is pouring the water and I'm still getting used to the routine, so it was a bit messy. At 7:45 I bathed Jehan and then clothed her (this takes a while! because she wanted to wear short to school where she was supposed to wear muslim clothes for today). So we settled with short over legging :D.

At 8:10 we went to mom's dining room where we gathered all the stuff we have to bring that day. (Jehan report card, check. Communication book, check. Lunchbox + milk, check!). I made my own toasted bread and quickly made a pasta sauce for Oki to bring to work. I usually make Oki's toasted bread too and prepared his coffee but this morning I asked Mbak instead because there wasn't enough time for me to do that. Pasta sauce was done at 8:25. And then we left, dropping Jehan in her school first before arriving at the office.

And there were other stuff too in between the times before leaving home, like phone calls from mom driver who asked me where Plaza Asia is, the other was from Pak Kumis who wanted to tell me he will deliver the shoe rack today and another one I couldn't bother to pick up. Hana also wanted to show me the children catalog. And Jehan insisted that she needed to paint her nails red before leaving for school..*penting bener*. She refused to go and just lied on the floor..*sigh*. (I didn't give in to her every request though..sorry Je, nail polish can wait until you get home from school)

jehan02's always a hectic morning, the two hours feel like a whirlwind. I guess I have no choice but to cut down my sleep and wake up earlier to enjoy a more serene morning.

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