On not being blinded by the big names

January 10, 2011

This post is written due to the recent antic made by one of our ministers :D. Oki was actually one of the candidates to be on that team. That being the company that's been terrorized by our minister. I think he's had three phone interviews with the people from the regional headquarter and landed a face to face interview with the country manager for Indonesia. Everything looked good, they always said that things were positive but the thing was, hubby couldn't wait any longer because he had an offer that he had to answer. It was a week full of contemplation because ... well it was a tough choice. Both positions obviously have their own plus sides and down sides. But being a graduate of a business school whose dream is to climb up the corporate MNC ladder, you can't just dismiss a chance to work in such company. Especially when the position has country manager title in front of it and you will be supervised by a high caliber individual who has a long list of awe-inspiring experiences.

But anyway, as we grew older (and wiser :D), we realized that it's not just about the big name, the fancy title and the prestige anymore. There were many things that we put into consideration that made him emailed that company and drew himself out of the candidacy. Now fast forward to two months later, there's a possibility that that company operation will be suspended over some stupid regulations. We couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

So far, we seemed to make the right decision, including by crossing Singapore off the list (this is about another company that he had wrapped all of the hiring process). Working with the world most admired company doesn't seem that appealing when you can't bring your whole life there. We were both excited for the first few interviews but the excitement wore down towards the end. It's just not worth it. Now I'm happy that he is happy in his current company (still big, albeit local company). And the fact that we're in the same industry gives it an added bonus. We can update, help and learn from each other :).

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