Friday Randomness

February 25, 2011

It's 11:21 I'm gonna be very random on this post. If it wasn't for #7hari challenge, I would've gone ZzzZzz 

I went to a parenting seminar today, followed by a little bit of work at Black Canyon, picked up Jibran in school and then took him to his first swimming lesson. Jehan came along too. After they were done, we went to get coffee and donut at Citos and then went home. My aunties and cousins were at our house when we got home, one of my cousins (9 yo) just had a birthday so I took her (and 4 other little kids) to a nearby mall so she can pick her present. After she got the present she wanted (a pair of shoes), we went to buy some books at Gramedia and finished of with a dinner at Dominos. We got home at 9:30, but they didn't leave until 10:45. After that, I quickly prepped the kids for bed and now here I am..about to pass out! 

Even though today is tiring, there are many things that I'm so grateful for. This morning, I went to the place that I fell in love since the first time I knocked on its door. I remember being in awe with it and wished I could change my decision in a heart beat, but it was just impossible. I didn't dismiss the idea right away though, I still kept it in my heart and prayed that we'll find a way..and we did find a way (or it found us?) and then another good news came along that made it even more possible. At that time, I truly believed what Paulo Coelho said in his book, when you really want something, the universe conspires to make it happen. For me, it's gotta be something that I desire with all my heart, that I visualize all the time and can shed a tear whenever I think about it. 

I received an sms right before I took a shower this morning. It's about the event that we're arranging for next month. We didn't plan to monetize the event, we just wanted to help some people and facilitate what they're asking for. Money was not in our mind at all whenever we think about that event. Out of the blue, came that sms that said they will give us a portion of the money they received. Wheww, reallyy? I was happy..and proud at the same time with the fact that we would do it anyway even if we don't get benefits in terms of money. It's true...just do what you love, and the money will follow :) 

I went to Toastmaster trial last night and plan to register as members so I can work on my shortcomings and face my fear. Same thing with Jibran swimming lesson where he will learn new skill and face his fear of being drown and basically just learn to trust himself. I guess I'm just pleased that we're always looking for ways to challenge ourselves and not just be complacent with current situation. There are always room to improve You know what...I still have more to share about today...but I can barely open my eyes and I need to wake up at 7 AM tomorrow for another parenting seminar! So, see you!

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