Not my typical afternoon...

May 12, 2011

Last Thursday morning, I found a series of pictures showing people pray in the most extreme places such as in a war zone, in the streets filled with snow, in the jungle somewhere, in between the building construction and other places that we don't normally go, let alone pray in there. Of course that kind of put me to shame because there are times when I missed my prayer, even when I was in my most comfiest zone :(.


Little did I know that later on that day I would experience praying in an unusual place, but contrary to the pictures I've seen earlier, mine was in a much nicer place. It was at the outside patio on the 4th floor, facing Thamrin skyscrapers and Monas on the right side. I could feel the wind breeze caressing my face just as I have finished getting my wudhu. And that was one of the moments when I was in awe and even more realize the magnitude of his favor upon us, our bodies, families, children, in our lives and all that is around us. It was like having a golden opportunity to thank him and to be grateful for all of his blessings. I was there with my family, and about to face on one the important meetings of our life and that moment somehow gave me the strength that I needed.

It was even more stunning at night, especially when we all prayed together as a jamaah. I met an ustad there, who gave such a beautiful opening speech that touched my heart and got me all teary eyed. My mom was sobbing and sniffling the whole time.

Anyway, the whole thing reminded me to always put the master up there at the heart of everything I do. It was what I needed, a quick fix to recharge and refresh my faith.


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