The 'What to do when I'm bored' List

October 10, 2011

Jibran has school break for a week starting today. Since Oki and I can't leave work so we cannot take him anywhere out of Jakarta nor anywhere around the city during weekdays (although I think I'll take Wednesday off so I can take him somewhere).

This morning during breakfast, I asked him to write down the list of things he can do whenever he feels bored, in anticipation of him calling me every 15 minutes to ask me what time I'll be home. So he comes up with this list...


I know, his handwriting is very impressive. Hey, maybe he is destined to be a doctor :D. I'm not proud with the fact that the first two list consists of electronic, but it's not everyday he gets to do those things. He added number 9 in the back, that is to play soccer.

Well it's only the first day of school break today and turned out, my sister took him and Jehan to watch Smurf, so he spent most of the afternoon at Pejaten Village.

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