Artistry 8 Minutes; Beauty Inside Out in a Bottle

May 19, 2011

I know I haven't been taking care of myself as religiously I should have been. The culprit is what else other than time?. If I could have it my way, I will regularly visit beauty salon to receive my facial or microdermabrasion or have my skin checked and treated at the dermatologist. But I don't have an hour to spend on waiting in line at the dermatologist waiting room, two hours to spend on the road and half hour to spend inside the dermatologist office. Oh, plus another 15 minutes or so to wait for the prescription. Almost four hours? Thanks but no thanks!

That's why I was delighted when I learned about Artistry 8 minutes beauty.I love anything that takes less than ten minutes to do or anything with three-in-one formula along with reversible jacket and multifunction cardigan *lho, jadi panjang :p*. Anyway,

;I went to the media gathering for Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel so I saw it first hand how it's supposed to be applied and met a few real people who had been trying and raving about this product. Of course, I was sold right away because I could feel the difference on my skin a few minutes after the product was applied. But I didn't buy right away because I wanted to try the sample first. Turned out, cinta tidak bertepuk sebelah tangan *apa ini bahasa Inggrisnya? :p* because Amal asked me to be the model for the video to be shown in Fashionese Daily. Obviously I didn't even show a bit of hesitancy and said okay before she even finished her sentence. This was my chance to learn more about the product and tried more before I decided to buy the bottle.

You have to read this article to have a more thorough understanding about the product.

Here's another compiled review from other FDers

And here I embed you the video

My testimonial after I've tried the product a few times? It lives up to its expectation! My skin looks brighter (it removes the dead cell), feels much more moisturized and oh so supple, almost as soft as a baby's butt. I'm more than ready to add this to my skincare routine.

This was me when I got my FACES done. FACES stands for Facial Analysis Computer Evaluation System. Everyone needs to try this to thoroughly check your skin condition and see what area that need some works improvement done and it will also give you product recommendation that will suit your skin condition. I took the test before I tried Artistry Renewing Peel so I'm sure my personalized analysis result will come out much more improved this time around :).


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