Have we been wishing on the wrong star?

May 13, 2011

Kalau ada cerita seperti ini..

Ehh..si A kan kemaren ulang tahun ..trus dia dikasih jam Rolex lho sama

Reaksi kebanyakan orang mungkin."Oh yaa..enak banget sih, gue mau dong jadi temen sahabatnya"

Yes, wishing that we would be that A person, wishing to be on the receiving end while instead we should be wishing we were the best friend, who is on the giving end (and probably more financially secure that she can afford the nice watch for a present).

To give, no matter how we look at it, is always better than to receive.

And why would we want to be the one who receive while we can be the one who share happiness and who give other people something they would treasure forever?

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