Dear Jib...

June 12, 2011

*this was written on Sunday June 12 2011


I hope you had a good day today Jib. You've started off the day off with swimming (or more like splashing) at the insulated pool with Jehan and Nadira and ate fried rice for brunch at the backyard. Later on in the afternoon, we went to Pondok Indah Mall to get you the duck feet swim fins and to buy a few t-shirts for Jehan as she has outgrown most of her clothes. You wondered why Jehan clothes always become too small. I told you it's because at her age, Jehan is growing rapidly, just like you when you were her age.


We went straight for lunch when we got to the mall and we decided to eat Yoshinoya at Area 51. I suggested you to order the original beef because you've tried it when we were in Hong Kong and you liked it a lot, but you insisted that you'd like the chicken teriyaki better. You tried mine and turned out you liked it that you finished it :). Yessss..I was this close to say 'I told you Jib' :D.

When we were waiting in line in Yoshinoya you were wondering why the line was so long compare to the other food joint. I explained it to you that Yoshinoya just made a come back here, so some people are eager to try it again or maybe some never tried it before so they want to try a new food. I also told you that there's so many good food around, so many food we've never tried and life is boring if we eat the same food over and over again. You should be thankful we can eat variety of meals everyday. You tried to eat your food with chopsticks but failed :D. You cannot operate a chopstick just like your parents huh Jib? :D. But partly it's my fault because I never teach you how to use one because I don't even know how. Then I told you I'll get you the chopstick training set and together we'll learn how to use it. It'll be a new skill to learn on this summer holiday :).

After that, we bought clothes for Jehan and then went to Sun Paradise to get you the duck feet swim fins, but they didn't have them in your size, so we went to Sports Station and the Speedo ones were way too big. Then we tried our luck at Planet Sports and it was the same story. So we went to Gramedia to buy books and you checked the sports section and you found them. They were still a bit bigger but you wanted to buy them anyway. Then we browsed around for books and you picked up Franklin's Secret Club book. You wanted to buy a book for Yusuf as a birthday present but you were confused on what to buy.


When we're done with everything we needed to buy, we stopped by at Auntie Anne's, it's your favorite snack ever when we were in St Louis. There, you ate TWO original pretzel and drink a glass of lemonade. Again, your favorite drink in the whole wide world.

Then we went home, you took a shower and tried on the duck feet swim fins and you looked so excited!! You even asked me to call Pak Heri, your swimming coach to see if you can swim tomorrow instead of on Tuesday because you can't wait to use them in the pool :). I'm so proud with your swimming progress Jib. I can see you're enjoying it especially now that you've learned the butterfly strokes and think it's easy, even though sometimes you still like to tease me by saying you don't like swimming. I'm happy for you that you have achieved another milestone, you've seen it for yourself that you can master something you thought you couldn't do, that you can do anything as long as you practice and put your effort into it. You're skin is tanned now and the area under your eyes look whiter (fairer?), a mark you get from wearing the goggle. Even Jehan wants to be able to swim and wear a goggle like you, we bought her one today and she walked around PIM with a google on her head :D.


You eat lasagna for dinner then I read you the Franklin book at bedtime. The story was about Franklin who formed a secret club/gang in school. When I asked you if you want to be in a secret club or create one you said you didn't like the idea. From the book, you've learned that when you form a gang, your other friends are bound to feel left out and rejected and then you prefer to be friends with everybody instead of with just a group of people :)

And then you went to sleep. Good night Jib...I'm looking forward to spend the day with you and the four of us again :)

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  1. Mbak Han, ini ceritanya buat dibaca jibran nanti ya kalo udah gede?
    pas awal baca sih kayanya daily life biasa aja, tapi somehow pas udah selesei berasa banget sayangnya Mbak, justru disaat 'sehari-hari-biasa' ini ya harusnya kita bisa nunjukkin rasa sayang kita, gak cuma di special ocassion aja..
    huhuhu terharuu..

  2. Maunya sih gitu...makanya kalo nulis blog suka nanya sendiri 'Ini nanti kalo anak gue baca gimana ya?' Maksudnya jangan sampe justru belajar yang jelek dari ibunya :D. Dia udah bisa baca sih tapi belom pernah gue unjukin blog ini. Iya bener alidz, it's the little things that matter :)