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February 27, 2011

I found this book last night at Periplus Ranch Market, so itching to get it but I know I won't have time to read it. Plus it would be ironic to read this particular book, when it means I buy more stuff, while I still have a pile of books I need to read because the essence of the book is to suggest the opposite (live with less, consume less).

Anyway, I need to be more discipline in using less plastic and do the three R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).
- Sometimes i forget to unload the stuff in my green bag and put it back in my purse. Maybe I need to put 2 or 3 inside...and a few in the car.
- Whenever we go for monthly grocery shopping, I always ask them to put the stuff in the box instead of plastic. But they still put the frozen ones in plastic to hold the water..maybe I need to get the insulated bag?
- We have separated the trash in the office, so that's a good thing.
- I'm finally back with the habit of separating the trash at home. I did this when we live in the old house, turned out my mom had been doing it too, not for environmental purposes but out of mercy to the scavenger. But since we live in the new house, I didn't have much discipline because it takes effort to gather all the dry waste in one place, sometimes I forgot to bring it downstairs and didn't have the energy to walk back to the third level to get that empty bottle of shampoo.

It was actually a shame because I had been separating my trash for the last 3 years I lived in the state, didn't know why the habit went away just like that. But now, after I saw the first box full of empty bottles of milk, mineral water, shampoo and body wash bottle, cereal boxes, etc I don't think I have the heart to let that happen again. We have 12 people living in the house so there are a lot of waste. I have trained the ARTs hopefully we won't do too much damage to the environment. We should make our own biopori system too in the near future.

- I think for my next #7hari I will not buy/consume anything that comes in plastic, unless it is absolutely necessary, like grocery (cooking oil, butter, cheese, etc). This doesn't sound as easy because almost everything we buy comes in plastic, trust me, I've observed it for the last few days. Even the lemper I thought was harmless has that clear plastic over the banana leaf wrap.

Anyway..hopefully I can read all the following books (these are the ones I bought this past week alone..sigh) I can finally get 'Story of stuff' book.
- Your job is not your career - Rene Suhardono (dan ternyata isinya ada 2 buku :D)
- The rules of parenting - Richard Templar
- Emotional awareness - a conversation between The Dalai Lama and Paul Ekman
- Viral Loop, the power of pass it on - Adam L. Penenberg
- Womenomics - Claire Shipman & Katty Kay
- Motherhood is the new MBA - Shari Storm
- Battle hymn of the tiger mother - Amy Chua

On top of those, I have about 10 more that I haven't get a chance to read...(and why am I blogging instead of reading?..thanks to #7hari :D...can't wait till it's over!!)

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