Third Day

October 12, 2006

7:30 AM a cup of coffee
8:00 AM Grapes
10:30 AM a bowl of special k cereal with 15 pieces of cocoa puff cereal + Multivitamin
1:00 PM a bowl of sayur asem
3:00 PM Fruits (mango, a bite of apple, grapes)
7:30 PM A bowl of soup and a bite of noodle pizza
8:00 PM munchin on grapes

yea i cheated today (that one bite of noodle pizza)..heheh..but that was insignificant i didn't even taste good, i mean NOTHING tastes good for me right now, i don't have craving for any particular food..i guess the pain takes away my appetite for food. I don't think this means i've succeedeed the diet, in fact maybe i fail, because the diet suggest us to eat the the meal as much as possible, meanwhile i only eat it twice today..but i guess i'll just continue on this..

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