Second Day

October 11, 2006

weight @ 8 AM : 111 lbs, wearing the same clothes i wore last time. so looks like i've lost 2.5's all water weight i'm sure.

here's the suggestion:
Day Two:
Vegetables: Eat until you are stuffed will all fresh, raw or cooked vegetables of your choice. Try to eat leafy green vegetables and stay away from dry beans, peas and corn. Eat all the vegetables you want along with your soup. At dinner, reward yourself with a big baked potato with butter. Do not eat fruit today.

8:30 AM a cup of coffee gingseng. I know i'm not supposed too, but what the hell..heheh. coffee kicks my metabolism and gives me energy

10:00 AM a small bowl of special k cereal (since i can't eat fruit today, i addes a little bit of jibran's yoghurt cheerios and 12 cocoa puffs cereal (yes i counted them..:D)..just to add a dash of sweetness.
one centrum multivitamin tablet

10:45 AM veggies salad (bean sprout, string bean and some tofus) with a little bit of ketoprak dressing.

12:00 a cup of hot tea
i wasn't planning of having a tea, but i needed something warm from my stomach. i vommited just now, i think it was because i took my medicine early in the morning with an empty stomach. i knew i should've ate something first but i wasn't hungry besides taking the med with food could decrease its effectiveness.

12:30 PM a tablespoon of lightly salted soy nut.

2:00 PM a small bowl of soup

4:30 PM one baked sweet potato...oh my god it's the yummiest thing i've had since monday night, hehe..never thought i'd said that about sweet potato..a.k.a UBI...but sure it tastes much better than cardboard...i mean cabbage!!. btw, i was supposed to eat just potato, not sweet potato..but oh well..

7:00 PM a bowl of sayur asem that i brought from pengajian. biasanya kan sayur asem nggak pake kol yah, tapi ini kok pake, kebetulan banget bisa di makan kan..heheh..*inserting coelho's mantra again here*

second day is not too bad..the sweet potato helped so much..hopefully tomorrow will not so bad either since i can eat fruits...i take fruits than veggies anyday. the 4th day will be's banana and skim milk day..i might eat sweet potato again on that day to help me get through the day.

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