September 05, 2002

As soon as I posted my previous post *the one when I was whining about going to work on Thursday night* my manager called and said that they were gonna be OK without me so I didn’t have to go to work that night. Aha, talk about coincidence.

All in all, I like this year’s VMA. I think it’s better than last year’s. I was laughing my lungs out when Jimmy Fallon was doing the parody thingy…that was hilarious. Anyway, after watching the VMA I wonder if this is the end of boy bands or teenybopper kinda song?? I mean Nsync didn’t get any awards and that’s weird considering they were always the one who brought the most moon man. And did we see backstreet boys?? No!! They didn’t even get nominated. Britney Spears also got nothing, yea believe it or not she never won a single MTV award. Christina Aquillera didn’t get nominated at all and where were Mandy Moore and Destiny’s child?? That’s interesting...

Anyway, I don’t think the best dance should be given to Pink cause her dancing moves is nothing compare to Britney or Shakira. J-Lo looks pretty as always and I particularly like her shoes but don’t you think we’ve heard enough about ‘the girls from the Bronx’ statement? I know she’s trying to represent but I’m just getting tired of it. Hmm…what else? It was a touching moment when the TLC members went on stage..and I also like the idea of bringing Rudy Guliany..that’s pretty neat and Sheryl Crowe performance was awesome. But I think Justin Timberlake should stop trying to be the next Michael Jackson!!. By the way, what’s wrong with Eminem? He won the most awards but he didn’t seem pleasant or genuinely happy about it, I mean..a little smile wouldn’t hurt right?..He really needs to take anger management class or something. The last performance was a surprise…it’s Guns fucking Roses!!!!

Hehe..basi ah ngomongin VMA, it’s so last week..but I don’t know what to write..oh..i could write about my weekend yang sangat ENTERTAINING sekali itu..but that’s gonna take forever…so probably later!!

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