Gone are the days..

September 09, 2002

I think I have gained a few pounds today…*blame it on Jani :þ* cause it’s his b’day today..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya mas jani…… mudah mudahan tambah banyak rejekinya..biar taun depan bisa makan2 lagi *hihi*

Menu nya tadi asli banyak bener dari mulai shrimp with honey and mayo, cumi goblok, salted fish fried rice alias nasi goreng ikan asin *nyam2*, trus ada ikan tilapia, hmm..what else? Tofu w/ shrimp, duck, etc2. Dan malemnya di tutup with Tiramisu from Olive Garden..*nyam2*

Weekend has always been some kind of Asian food fiesta for me since weekdays is all about burgers and another trip to Mc Donald’s, or my other daily intake which is indomie kari ayam with lots and lots of chili powder, white pepper, bawang goreng plus bakso urat or fried tofu, pathetic heh?

Eniwei…Gone are the days of the American domination of basketball as the US team is officially in the loser bracket *lol*, they are finishing sixth!! I thought they have learned a lot after losing to Yugoslavia, but they lost again to Spain on Saturday night, three times in a row and they got beaten in their very own country, right at the heart land of America!!! And by the way…I’m surprise that Americans don’t really have a sense of American Pride, I mean..look at how many people showed up and cheered for their team?? Kebanyakan yang dateng justru yang dari negara2 laen to support negaranya masing masing, i.e. china, Yugoslavia, Argentina, etc. Salah organizer nya juga sih kayanya yang kurang promosiin acaranya so people are unaware of the events and not to mention the very high-priced tickets. Sekarang semuanya pada maen salah salahan and guess who got blamed the most??? It’s my guy Kobe for his lack of interest in playing…. which just validates the fact that he’s indeed the best..=P

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