September 19, 2002

I Watched Larry King Live 2 days ago when the guests were the three middle eastern descents who were detained by authorities in Florida for 17 hours. I’m sure you guys know the story already, but in case you haven’t heard about it…here’s a little summary about what happened. Jadi ceritanya these 3 men were driving down from Chicago to Florida and stopped by at a restaurant somewhere in Atlanta to get something to eat. So they were sitting around, talking and everything. Apparently, there was a woman in the next booth they were sitting who were eavesdropping on their conversation. Of course, they didn’t realize that…at least not until their car was pulled off by the police when they just continued driving. Usut punya usut, ternyata that woman had reported them to the police because according to her, she heard them making jokes about 9/11 and talking about how America will mourn over 9/13 which will be even worse than 9/11 and about them talking of bringing something down. Well, bringing it down could be interpreted in so many ways, and this woman thought that they were gonna blow something up, or bringing a building or an airplane down or something like that. So, thinking this is gonna be another act of terrorism, she reported it to the police right away and that’s why their car got stopped and they were detained for 17 hours.

Now the authorities have released them and according to them..they didn’t talk anything about 9/11 at all, they didn’t mention 9 or 11 or 13 nor September. They admitted that they were saying about bringing something down, which it in here refers to the car they were planning to bring (drive) down from Kansas City to Miami!!

So, I don’t know..do you think the woman is exaggerating or you think these 3 men really did what the woman said but just don’t want to admit it? For some reason though, I’m pretty sure that they didn’t make a joke about 9/11. I mean, they are all medical students, which presumably are you know..nice and educated people, preserve humanity, helpful and all that. And I don’t think anyone would joke around about 9/11 in public, in front of Americans, I mean..only a jackass would do such thing..or better yet, a drunken jackass. And you know what, she also said that she heard them talking in another language *presumably Arabic*...and there's a problem in there cause apparently they don’t speak the same native language, one guy is Arab, the other one is Pakistani * I’m not sure what the other one is*. So now, because of a comment made by one woman, their whole life is being affected. For the start, the hospital has declined the internship offer for them right away. And there was also a rumor going on about them jumping the tollbooth and didn’t pay the fee which then authorities had sorted it out and said they did pay the money.

But at the same time though, I also didn’t think that the woman invented all that, cause why would she wanted to fabricate all that?..what for? I guess she’s just being overly suspicious and thus, misunderstood about the whole situation and as soon as these men walked in the restaurant, they were suspects! If I were her, I would just confronted them right away as soon as I hear their comments, I’d prolly just say something like..”what did you say?..i’m sorry I overheard you talking about 9/11 and I’m just curious about it bla bla bla” or something like that.

Anyway, there’s another story that I find very interesting. I just read it in time magazine, Confession of an al-Qaeda terrorist. Apparently, one of the Al Qaeda representatives lived in Indonesia, in Cijeruk to be exact. And according to CIA, he’s the man behind almost all of the bombing attacks back home, including the Atrium bombing and the Istiqlal mosque bombing and he’s after Megawati. Do you buy that? I don't. Anyway, he has an Indonesian wife who said she knows nothing about her husband being a terrorist. She only remember what he did when they were getting married.. he made her promise that if he disappeared one day, she would not go looking for him. Hmm..*merinding*...

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