It's Sold

September 26, 2002

So the car is sold..*sobs*, there is an empty space in my parking lot now. Anyway, yang beli mobilnya itu orang Thailand who had an Indonesian girlfriend a few years back when he went to college in Columbia, Mizzou. I think they dated for quite a while, judging from how fluent his Indonesian is. Beneran deh..ngomong sama dia jadi kaya ngomong sama orang Malaysia, asli lancar gitu bahasa Indonesianya but with a funny accent. He said he went to Jakarta for holiday a couple times, katanya rumah cewenya di daerah simpruk. Anyway, he works as an Engineer at Chrysler, makanya dia ngerti banget soal mesin mobil sampe sedetil detilnya…dan banyak nanya nya gitu..dooohh yang punya aja malah nggak ngerti apa apa, hihi. Then I asked him of he knew Olga, my neighbor, a Russian girl who happens to be an engineer at Chrysler also…and turned out they know each other very well. What a small world huh??

One presentation down, and I have another one to go in the next two weeks, meaning group meeting this saturday cause this is gonna be a group presentation..arggh don’t you just hate group meeting? I didn’t think I aced my presentation last nite though; things just didn’t go my way since Monday. I was about to work on it when suddenly a migraine hit me like crazy in the morning. It was so severe, Advil didn’t help at all..the migraine ice cooling pads didn’t help either *instant soothing, cooling relief my ass..i want my money back!!*. So I literally spend the whole day curling up under my blanket and went to bed around 9. But I wasn’t too worry about my presentation cause I thought I still can work on it the next morning since my class won’t start until 6. I know I am on-call at work yesterday but I was so sure that they weren’t going to take my on calls. So I called my manager in the morning and turned out they needed me at work. Oh greaattt, they have never used my on call whenever I was in my free time and now that I need all the time I could get they asked me to go to work!! So I worked until it was time for me to go to class and present the case.

Went to west county mall last weekend, it was the grand opening of the mall and I felt like it was my duty to check it out..tee hee. Ada Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, dan ada banyak celebriti2 st louis termasuk diriku ini..hihi. Pokonya banyak playernya Rams, Cardinals and Blues yang gue juga nggak tau who’s who, paling cuma tau Kurt Warner aja. By the way, I knew I was gonna love that mall when I just first got there, first thing I noticed was the overall interior design of the mall, it has this clean contemporary looks, it’s definitely a hip looking place. For me, this mall is what I call a one stop shopping cause it stored all of my favorite clothing lines. Ada Forever 21 *a huge one*, Papaya, Arden B, bebe, Wet Seal, Rampage and Charlotte-Russe, hohoho….I have finally reached my Mecca.

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