Is it fall already??

September 14, 2002

it's getting windy nowadays, especially in the morning and at night..i'm not ready for winter yet, i'm more of a summer person, i love skirts, t-shirts, capris, flip flops..and the like. Anywaaaayy, baru abis cuci mobil nih cause some people have called and said they were gonna come and take a look at it. In fact, there is one who is test driving it right now. Boohoo..ternyata bukan cuma company aja yang lagi downsizing, individuals pun pada sibuk downsizin..*diriku ini contohnya*...hihi. Mudah2 an aja mobilnya cepet laku deh, there was actually a really serious buyer last week, he already got an insurance for it and everything but when he went to the bank to apply for a loan, he got rejected cause he still carries a huge amount of student loans. Too bad.....! Well......have a FUN weekend everybody........oh BTW, i got my ticket in my hand now..ahuhuyy, i can smell it getting closer..and since there's a stop over in Singapore for 2 hours, i decided to just spend the whole day and night there and go home the next day..i guess 24 hours would be just enough to stroll around orchard road and have dinner in clark quay port...woohooo!!!

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