September 06, 2002


The USA basketball team, the so called dream team got schooled by the yugos last night, I’m glad they are out though, cause I think they are so full of complacently that they didn’t take their opponent seriously. But that doesn’t mean I like the Yugos now. Don’t worry...i still hate DIVAC with all my heart!!!

So what else is new? It’s Friday … the beginning of another weekend, hopefully I’m gonna have fun while still be able to spend time to study. I went to borders yesterday and tried to do the practice questions from the GMAT book and all I did was just staring at it and trying to figure a way on how in the world I could still go to school without having to take the test..which was of course..useless cause there’s no other way and that means I just have to stop crying about it. I just don’t want to blow $200 to pay for the test you know, especially since I know I have a big chance of failing it. Arggh I think I really need a new set of brain. I did some of the verbal questions yesterday, but I skipped the reading part since it’s a long boring articles, hehe..and I haven’t tried the quantitative part, arggh why do I have to deal with math again??..I thought I’m done with it since Math 140 *calculus* that I took 3 years ago. I guess no matter how much you hate math and how far you have run away to avoid it, you’d never be able to really get away from it heh?

I just don’t understand why they feel the need for the students to pass the GMAT first before going to graduate school. I mean, I might get a low score on it but that doesn’t mean that I have a learning disabilities, and that doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to keep up with the materials that will be given in the class and that doesn’t mean that I can’t score an A in the class…na’ah, that is not how it works!!!. I strongly don’t believe the saying that if somebody is good at math that means he/she has the strong foundation to succeed in other subjects. That’s bullshit man. That’s also very wrong if they only measure the analytical skill of a person based on how good he/she is in solving math problems. I mean, I know I’m no good when it comes to solving math problems but I believe I have quite a strong analytical skill when it comes to analyzing cases which is the daily activity in the MBA’s classes. And why do we have to pass the GMAT which consist of quantitative part where there’s not even one math class we have to take in the MBA’s curriculum anyway?? So what does it have to do with math? I mean, what’s the calculators for then?…argghh..

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