Deceptive advertising

September 17, 2002

I finally found some articles about deceptive advertising, which would be the topic for my presentation next week. I just need to tie it in with the course concepts some times this week, create the power point presentation then I’m good to go *at least that’s what I think*. Actually thinking about the presentation makes me kind of nervous, I have no problem of presenting something in front of the class all by myself since I have done that so many times, but this one is different because not only we have to explain the case, but we also we have to lead and stimulate all class members into the discussion for at least 30 minutes. I’m doomed.

Anyway, I’m gonna go study at borders after this, I just can’t study at home where there is a computer near me. Last weekend was OK, nothing extraordinary, I just went to the mall as usual, yea this is what happen if you live half minutes away from the mall, hehe..Kacau deh..tetanggaan sih sama mall. I did some shopping, went to the loop, had some bubble teas, and went to rag-o-rama. Oh and I also went to marshalls and bumped into my manager there, the first thing he said was..”What are you doing here??..Why don’t you shop at old navy??”..and I was like..”Well..look who’s talking here”..tee hee.. later on he confessed that old navy is not his taste at all. Gimana sih ini employee nya old navy kok nggak ada yang represents?? Yah abis gimana..baju nya juga biasa2 sih, sometimes emang suka ada yang lucu but that’s very rare. I mean I can find much better outfits with much cheaper prices than they offer at old navy. That’s why I’m still confused with the customer’s adoration towards the brand. I mean, you should see the customers’ response on the opening of the store, in fact up until now, I still hear the customers talking about how happy they are that we finally open and this and that..i mean it’s not like we live in a remote village where we don’t have any choice to go shopping, believe me you can find almost everything in here. Sayang banget deh kayanya to see yet another customers spending hundred of dollars there where I could get so much nicer clothes to fill my entire wardrobe somewhere else..but then again it’s not money. So for those old navy’s fans…I’m sorry…but you ain’t got no taste!!..tee hee…

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