things to do

September 21, 2002

I managed to study GMAT last night at I have things-to-do list for the rest of the weekends:

- Unpacked my winter clothes. I still have them in the boxes that I put in the storage. Tee can tell how lazy I am by now. Hey it was hot like hell when I moved in (last may) so I figured I didn’t need it at that time…but it’s getting colder now…must unpacked!!

-Stop by at Old Navy to pick up my next week schedule (hope I don’t get any weird hours for next week).

-Finished up the power point for my presentation, it’s basically done, it just need a little touch here and there.

-Here’s the good part…….cash-in my pay check!!

-Order some of the pictures to be developed at I’ve never done this before but hopefully it’ll turn out good.

-Clean up the whole apt, do some laundry.

-Go to the mall to exchange the item I bought last week. This is another result of my laziness, most of the time I don't feel like trying the clothes or whatever it is i wanted to buy in the fitting room (especially if i buy it at the mall near my house). So I end up going there back and forth to exchange it. It's fine with me though cause that means I have a good excuse to once again go to the malls..tee hee!

Now what's your plan for the weekends..?

Have a faboulous weekend everybody!

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