It's Friday again

September 28, 2002


feel like time is rolling by even faster now…the faster the better.. cause I can’t wait any longer for the college basketball and the NBA season to start….I’ve read all of the sports magazines who are speculating about this coming season…sounds like it’s gonna be another hell of season….yuhuu bring it on!!!

Got so much to do for today, hmm..lemme check. Okay, first thing first……I have to go to union planters to open a bank account *bye bye bank of America, I’ve had enough of your crap*. Then I have to go to Sylvan Learning center to schedule my GMAT *there goes my $200*. I need to go to the post office too to send the stuff for my lil cousin in Tampa. I bought him some cute stuff from Old Navy. Their kids clothes especially girls are mad cute and they are affordable too…no need to go to OsKosh B'Gosh!! *did I spell that right?* I also need to go to the alteration house. Tonight..we’re gonna go to this Indonesian family’s house *tante Dien*, her dad just passed away a few days ago and she’s stuck in here, can’t go home for her dad funeral. I can’t even picture how she feels right now.

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