August 30, 2002

Arrggh, GATOT dengan suksesnya deh rencana belajar di borders siang ini…padahal udah niat banget tuuh *y’right..kalo emang niat biar ada badai menerjang juga kesampean aja*. Gara garanya, I stopped by at the mall first on the way to borders cause I needed to exchange something that I bought the other day. I thought it’d only take me 10 minutes…and boy was I wrong…emang sih the exchange was done in 10 minutes but I just couldn’t lead my way back to the parking lot right away….hehe, gawat deh kaya ada magnetnya gitu. So there I was, spending about 2 hours at the mall..jadinya udah too late buat ke borders cause I have to go to work

By the way, of all the days in the world..why my manager scheduled me to work tonight??..why not this morning or this afternoon or all day tomorrow…as long as it’s not tonight cause tonight is the entertainment night, there’s MTV music award, but I’m not too worry about this since I’m sure they will play it again and again tomorrow, if not right away. But it’s the world championship (basketball) that I wanted to watch..if I’m not mistaken tonight is USA vs. Algeria

Weekend is on its way and it’s gonna be along weekend since Monday is labor day. Lagi banyak yang di pinginin nih……

1.Pingin ke Chicago……liat liat IKEA

2.Pingin ke Indianapolis to watch the basketball game, but I’m sure it’s sold out, everybody wants to watch Yao Ming, eh?

3.Pingin ke six flags…:P

4.Pingin nonton spirit liquid tour this Sunday featuring Jay-Z, Hoobastank, 311 and N*E*R*D

So I don’t know deh tuh jadinya yang mana, either one is fine with long as I don’t spend my weekend with another trip to the mall and eat funnel cake and dippin dots aja..:P

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