It's confirmed

September 11, 2002

I’m going home this December *woohooo* I’ve already paid for the ticket yesterday and the ticket should be on its way to my mailbox now. I know it’s still 2.5 months away till December but most of the flights have already booked. In fact I was in the waiting list before I finally got the seat. So yeah..i’m happy and relieved!

But you know what, I’m gonna leave on Dec 5 and got home on Dec 8! You know what that means?? That means I have to celebrate Idul fitri far away above the sky. Nggak berasa banget lebarannya kan? But at least it’s still in Idul fitri’s atmosphere when I arrived at home so I’m sure there will be some leftover ketupats and opor ayam somewhere in the kitchen. And you know what, according to this article…if we’re flying with their business class we can actually request any kind of meals we want, be it gudeg yogya, Bakmi GM, ketoprak or anything..just name what you want and it’ll be delivered right to your seat. Nice heh? Maybe I could request some ketupats for my meal…hihi…too bad I’m holding the economy seat ticket..:þ .But it’s all good..i just wanna go home safe and sound. Woohoo..can’t you see I’m excited *norak*..hey the last time I went home was January 2001 so this has been waaayyy too long!!

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