'Twas a busy weekend

October 01, 2002

I was barely at home on Saturday and Sunday. So the weekend flew just like that, in a blink of an eye. Let’s start from Friday..hmm, what did I do on Friday? I knew I went to sylvan learning center to schedule my GMAT but turned out they didn’t offer that test in this branch near my house, the nearest is in Ballwin which is jauh ajeeee, so I have to go find that place this Wednesday. Went to the gym and almost passed out, my knee hurts like crazy but I have no choice..need to keep hitting the treadmill. I wanted to watch Meteor Garden after that, I have so many VCDs that I haven’t watched (ca bau kan, jalangkung, pasir berbisik and all the 19 episodes of Meteor Garden). But the VCD player is broken by the lighting that happened a while ago, so I went to buy another one so I could just switch it with my old one and return the old one to the store. But when it was hooked, the damn thing wouldn’t read the disc, it said NO DISC even jelas2 ada disc nya di dalem, but it played dvd just fine. The manual says it’s compatible. Oh well..not my lucky day.

Saturday: Woke up early cause I had to call my manager to find out whether he’d need me at work or not, but he said he’ll be okay. Then I was thinking of calling my group member to have the meeting this morning. But one of them lives like 1 and half hours from school, so it would be in the afternoon by the time she gets there, so i just canceled it. Went to Lemon Grass and had some Pho Dac Biet and went to Jay to buy grocery but they don’t have that many Indonesians stuff. After that. went back to the store to exchange the VCD player, thinking it was the defect one that I got yesterday that’s why it couldn’t read the cd. So I got another one but when I tried it out..it still wouldn’t read the cd, that’s weird, the broken one was the same model and brand and it played the VCD so how come this one couldn’t??… Went to Owen’s (dendre’s co worker) house for house warming party at night, it was a very nice house..it’s small but it’s very neat and clean and it smells good. Candles were everywhere,..his wife is really the queen of candles, I felt like I was in a white barn candle store or something, I mean when I looked around the house, it’s nothing but burning candles, smells so good though. There were a lot of people there; some people from the office including the manager and some were owen's friends from college, some frat boys and sorority girls. Had a few rounds of good food..hmm, I need to ask for that yummy spinach schotel recipes.

Sunday: Woke up at 8 and off to school for the group meeting until 1.30, and then dendre and I went to Galleria to meet Dina and Ading and guess who called me when we were sitting around in starbucks??..AAN, huehe..i was soooo happy to hear her voice again, she just arrived in NY with her friend (Festi). It feels like she’s so close but yet so far. I miss you sweetie. She’ll be leaving for DC tonight, she asked me whether I could play host for Festi who wants to go around Midwest area, hmm..that’d be fun, but I gotta check the schedule first. I wish she could come along..tapi harus balik lagi ke Jakarta in 10 days. Oh well..i’ll see her in December anyway and we still could talk on the phone for the rest of her 10 days trips…! Dari Galleria went to Yahya’s house for the so called Permias meeting, hiahia..lumayan lah makan gratis, there were a variety of foods but I just ate the grilled chickens, hmm..that’s yuM!. Man..I didn’t know there are so many Indonesians here, I mean A LOT, I even had a hard time remembering the names and the faces, hehe..i still have no idea who’s who. Dari anak bayi sampe nenek2 juga ada kemaren, banyak yang masih undergrad, ada yang lagi master, some PHD students, ada yang udah kerja and even high schoolers. Kemaren tuh udah banyak banget yang dateng and ternyata yang nggak dateng juga masih banyak lagi…ealaah…! Abis itu went to Global food to get my supply of Teh botoL dan terusnya ke The Grind nyusul dince, ading and eppi yang pada belajar disana..huaah basi..pada berkutat dengan buku2 gitu soo dendre and I just decided to call it a day and went home. Read Ca Bau kan for the rest of the night, belom selesai juga nih..*sigh*, but I’m getting there, sekarang yang lagi bagian Tan Peng Lian balik ke Bangkok ketemu sama si jeng tut untuk minta supply senjata.

So that’s iittttt……now we’re back to a whole new week. And oh, I just got back from mailbox center to send some documents to my mom and it costs me $38…whatta ripped off!!! You better get them in my mom's hands safely brown boy!

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