October 29, 2002

These last couple of weeks had been all about watching cnn (sniper, bali blast, the Russian hostage drama, bombs in Philippine, etc). Now it’s that time of the year again, time where I’ll be tuning on to espn whenever I’m home!!.. Watched the Lakers and Sacramento Queens (as Shaq so eloquently put it) last friday, it was their very first game, and the season had barely begun but their blood were boiling, tempers flaring up from the unsettled business in the west conference finals. Fox and Christie are in trouble now, Fox is suspended for 6 games, not sure about Christie though but probably fewer. The rest of the king’s players who left the bench will be suspended as well!!.. My man Kobe appeared with another 15 pounds of new muscles.. readier than ever to go crazy on everyone this year, and after seeing him in that game…man he was impressive..watchout lakers haters..teehee. The Lakers didn’t win the game in the end, i guess they just didn’t care cause it was only a preseason game after all, they just wanted to send the message to everyone that Lakers is not merely relying upon Shaq, they could come back from 20 points down and lead the game without him and of course they could win it if they wanted to, but they just didn't. Anyway, both teams are going to meet again this Christmas day..i’m so looking forward to it...

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