October 02, 2002

Engkaulah getar pertama yang meruntuhkan gerbang tak berujungku

mengenal hidup

Engkaulah tetes embun pertama yang menyesatkan dahagaku..

dalam cinta tak bermuara

Engkaulah matahari Firdausku

yang menyinari kata pertama di cakrawala aksara

Kau hadir dengan ketiadaan

Sederhana dalam ketidakmenegertian

Gerakmu tiada pasti

Namu aku terus disini


Entah kenapa….

Wohooo…ade ape nih ber cheesy ria pagi pagi begini?..heheh..tenang aja..i’m not turning myself into a helpless poet kok, I found this poem in the first page of Supernova, the book I am currently reading. I haven’t read much of it though, I’m in page 60 out of 200 something pages, so far I really like the story, I like it’s urbanize setting and the yuppies characters. I know the first couple pages suck, I mean there are just too many jargons that I don’t even know they exist, the kind of words that’s only understood by the Newtonians. But hopefully no more of those jargons in the following pages.

Arrgh... I can't wait to finish the book, to uncover what they are trying to say..I know there are different pairs of characters that they portray so far, the characters that are not related at all.. ada Ruben & Dimas the gay couples who went to college in DC, ada Ferre the all around superb guy and Rana the magazine editor yang di karang Ruben and Dimas for their story, ada Diva sang peragawati and Dahlan juga…hmm..this is interesting. I wish I could finish this book in one go…but I can't..I have other things to do... In fact I’m going to starbucks to study right now…*sigh*

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