They did it again!!

October 25, 2002

I went to the store, ready for work and everything only to be sent home straight away by my manager, huh! Well I was happy actually, I sure could use a day off but it also pisses me off at the same time..why didn’t he call me earlier so I didn’t have to go from the first place. They always do that, I’ve been hearing a gazillion complaints about them messing up the schedule. I know it’s hard to schedule 65 people with various availabilities….but they have the so called intelligent labor scheduler software to handle individual schedule so this kind of thing shouldn’t happen.

We had 95 employees when the first time the store open, but now..we’re down to 65 employees. Why? Because the management sucks!! And the thing that bothers me a lot is the scheduling. We get the print out of our schedule once a week, so we know a week ahead on what day and what time we have to go to work. But, even’s not a surprise to get a call from the manager a few hours before saying that they are not gonna need us at work. Sometimes I can understand that…it’s retail, the sales fluctuates a lot, so when it’s not busy in the store, of course they don’t need much help. But that’s suck, cause that’s affect our life. I mean had we know we didn’t have to come ahead of time we could have planned something else to spend the day, right? Isn’t it pisses you off when all of your friends are having a weekend getaway but you can’t go because you have to go to work but guess what, when it’s time for you to clock in suddenly you’re told to take a day off, then you are left at home all alone when your friends are having fun when you could have actually joined them. Fortunately I haven’t yet experienced this but this happens to a lot of people I know at work.

Also, if they cut the schedule so much that means less money in the paycheck, which is a bummer for a lot of people. That’s why they are leaving the company gradually, I know people come and go in retail but not 30 people in 4-5 months period. We actually don’t need that many people if the management are willing to hire fulltimers, it’s easier to hire fulltimers since they have far more flexible hours, but they don’t wanna do that..why?? cause that means they have to spend more money for the benefits, the insurance, 401K and if extra works needed they have to pay overtime, surely they don’t wanna spend that much money, that’s why they prefer parttimers. And know what, to be considered full time and have the privilege to receive the benefits, you have to work at least 40 hours per week for 8 consecutive weeks, but you know what they do..they give 35 or 38 hours per week to those who can work full time, close to be considered fulltimers but still can’t receive all of the benefits. Smart tactics, heh?

So I practically have been a slave for these past few days since we’re so understaffed at a not so better time. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmast are approaching, we got a lot of shipment so I have to help the shipment crew unloading the boxes from the truck. Well, I actually don’t mind working on the shipment because I get things done and see progress, unlike being on the floor dealing with the customers to no end. Man, last time I had a customer who was looking for a short, he swears god that he bought it there 3 months ago and insisting me to check upstock incase we have one left squeezed somewhere and I was like..helloooooo sir this is October, we don’t sell no shorts in October!!..geez some customers are just so irritating. So, anyway, yea I like being with the shipment crew cause there are only us in the backroom and we could just talking non sense, time flies by. I was amazed with how fast they do they work, well I’m not moving like a snail but what do you expect from me at freaking 6 in the morning??

Anyway..I’m going to resign from old navy pretty soon. I can’t stand the working hours anymore, I want to have a normal 9 to 5 job just like everybody else, not 6 in the morning or 11 at night like it has always been for don’t see it going I might as well quit and I’ve only been there for a few months, I don’t think they are gonna give me the luxury to take a vacation especially when I’m going home for more than a month. I haven’t told my manager about this, I feel kinda bad though, leaving the store at its peakest month, but hey what am I to do. Things would be really hectic also for myself by then, there are a lot of projects that are due plus the test and the presentation and the fact that I’m going home one week early before the classes are over is only giving me more headaches.

I like retail actually, I even have this dream of having my own retail store, not know though and not in the near future, that’s why I work in retail now..just to give me some insight on how to manage and operate a store. I am planning to go for internship in the corporate office sometimes next year, I could start as an executive trainee and move on as a buyer; working with vendors, sales pitching, negotiating, analyzing buying patterns and every single critical elements to generating increased sales. Sounds like fun. I think retail industry is pretty promising, almost all industries are downsizing right now but guess what retail is still gloriously exist (well except Kmart and fruit of the loom). Dendre’s sista works at Deutsche Bank back home, she got a call from a headhunter 2 months ago, asking her to come for an interview for a sales manager position at Louis Vuitton Indonesia. The offer was 15 millions a month..hmm…not to mention the perks that come with it, she’d get to fly to paris frequently, an abundant supply of LV items, haha, a ticket to network with jakarta’s high society and extensive media exposures. Sounds like a dream job to me, haha..but too bad she decided to reject the offer. But at least it shows me that there’s a good future in retail cause fashion never dies.

Blah…this is a long ass entry..I’m blabbering too much..*bales dendam ya han?*..hihi...

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