October 24, 2002

I finally have the time to get this blog up again and even create a new layout..hmm how bout that??!!..tapi setelah di liat2..it looks more like a news portal rather than a personal blog to me, tapi nggak pa pa lah, at least this one looks more festive than the old layout. I'm not done with this yet, i still haven't changed the archives and other pages layout. Anyway, a quick shout out for my baby sista who just turned 14 two days ago *lagi abg2 nyah*, i was being a bad older sister for not giving her a call on her birthday. But I got a legitimate reason for that cause I haven't been in the house for these last few days, my manager has been torturing me and giving me more hours at work. I had to work from 6 in the morning on monday and tuesday all the way to later in the afternoon then i went straight to my classes and got home around 10.30..and just practically passed out to bed as soon as i stepped in the house. Besides, my mom just called last night and told me that my sista cell phone is under her teacher custody anyway, huehe..so there was no way i could contact her then since she goes to a boarding school outside of Jakarta. So..Happy B'day sista, i'll see you in a lil while. Arggh i got a lot of stories to tell but time prohibits me to do all that, gotta go to work..so..MORE STORIES COMING UP!!!..

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