Yay to me..

October 26, 2002

I'm at the computer lab right now..yea I don’t have class today (only Monday night and Tuesday night) but I was in the neighbourhood so I thought of stopping by to purchase my textbooks and go to the computer lab to print out some articles cause I couldn’t afford to print at Kinkos *they’re bloody expensive*, couldn’t afford to get Lexmark inkjet for my printer either, hehe..what’s wrong with me, I have two printers at home but none of them has inks, oh well. Barusan, abis dari airport…it’s a long story, Dina slept over my house last night, she was going to Phoenix and had a morning flight to catch, and there is no way she could make it on time through the morning traffic jam, so she decided to sleep over so she could take the metro since the station is just near my house. So I dropped her off there this morning…and 1.5 hours later, she called me, I thought she just wanted to tell me that she was about to board the plane, turned out she missed the plane, huehehe....!! Girl, next time, don’t ever take morning flights cause you’re doomed to miss it anyway, orang tadi di bangunin aja malah marah2. Untung ada flight lagi 3 jam kemudian dan karena gue nggak tega ngebayangin dia di airport sendirian kaya anak ilang, jadi gue samperin aja…and we were off to the mall across the airport. Liat tuh sempet sempetnya lagi…cuma mo ke bath and body works aja sih yang lagi ada sale that can be combined with my $10 off coupons, so I paid $18 for the items that would cost me $68 at regular prices, tee hee….I honestly can’t recall when was the last time I bought something at its regular price. Anyway, abis itu balik lagi ke airport nge drop dia and here I am now.

So I took the gmat last friday..how’s the result, you wondered. Well, it turned out that my score was slightly lower than what I thought was the safe ranges. Not a surprise heh, but still I wasn’t happy about it and I was worried about what’s the school gonna do since Katie, the mba director stated to me that there was no way I could continue with my classes if I still haven’t taken the test by last Monday. So I talked to her about it last Monday, and then she pulled out my files, checked my undergrad transcript, logged on to the computer, checked by business ethic grades and calculating my overall admission score which should equal to at least 1000 (undergrad GPA times 200 plus the GMAT). After that she looked up to me and said that I didn’t have to worry about it since my overall grade was above that…WOOHOOO…that made me the happiest girl in the world, I was practically smiling ear to ear..hihi. Man.. I’m so glad I got that damn thing out of the way and I can just move on with my life..so..yay to me..=)

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