I'm in love

October 09, 2002

Looks like I’ll be abandoning my blog for a while here, at least until Friday next week (October 18) which is the day I'm taking my GMAT. Talk about dooms day!

But, hey hey..there’s also another reason besides that…hmm, I don’t wanna say it out loud actually, but hmmm..what the heck. Okay, something caught my attention. I first watched it just to kill my curiosity, just wanted to see what’s so special about the movie that makes everybody drools over them (well not everybody, some people hated it so much, I guess either you like it a lot or you don’t like it at all)..and to be honest with you, I was ready to make a mock out of it when it first started..but holly molly…next thing I knew..I was watching CD number 12!!!! Somebody stop it!!!

Okay2, you can laugh your ass off at me..:P, I don’t care…I still like the movie and definitely will watch the remaining 7 episodes that I haven’t watched and I’ll wait patiently till they release Meteor Garden 2..hihi. But don’t get me wrong though, even though I like the movie doesn’t mean I am now officially an F4 fan, well, the guy who plays Hua Zhe Lei is FINE. Jerry Yan (Dao Ming She) is YuM without his pineapple hair..(hihi..maap yah tayank) and I like his manly character, he's very attentive and protective, bad guy but yet innocent and childish in a way..plus he's willing to sacrifice anything for his one and only San chai…ahuhu..

However though, I think am more than sure that if I were in Jakarta, it would be annoying to see and hear people obsess about them, to hear their songs over and over again, to see their posters and pictures in every magazines with their gay-ish style and outfit (they are OK with regular men’s outfits, but they suck when they wear lather pants and those gay-ish attributes) and to see yet another teenagers walking around the malls with their F4 hairstyle as if they are the best thing in the world. I even heard that now there’s this F4 look alike contest…oh NO!!! They take this way too far.

So yea, I like the movie despite it’s poor translation. I mean, I know I’m not good in playing with words, but I think I can do better than that. So far, I also like its consistent storyline, not like Indonesian soap opera’s storyline that branches out everywhere and go way beyond the original theme.

Well..okay...that's it then..that’s my confession of the day, now I need to type the executive summary for my presentation tonight. And ohh…it’s Bill Hammer on CNN right now, but why do I keep hearing mandarin??? Too much of Meteor Garden entered into my system is not good..........

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