The sniper attacks

October 11, 2002

Now the series of sniper attacks that’s been terrorizing DC area have killed 7 people and wounded 2 people. This is so’s so fuckin random that could strike anywhere at anytime, you don’t know whose gonna be the next victim.I hope there is one thing that American can learn from this…their country is in complete chaos right now so let’s forget about attacking other country for a minute here.

Worked till the store closed last night. Man, our business hours is from 10 AM to 9.30 PM and right at 9.30 we closed the front doors, no more customers allowed to come in to the store after that, but we let those who are inside to take their time. We can’t hush them nor let them know that we’re ready to kick their asses out, so we just turn the music off to give them the hint. And if your common sense is working, of course you get the hint and proceed to check out right away..right?. But some people are just soooooo ignorant, it was 9.50 PM and there were two ladies who still browse around the store, destroying the pile of clothes that have been nicely folded and just trying everything out like they own the world!!! If we were allowed to say something to them I would have attacked them in no delay.. or better yet, smacked them with the wooden clothes hanger.

Anyway, I was supposed to call my manager this morning to find out whether I had to go to work or not, but I was more than sure that he was going to ask me to come and join the FUN cause we are scheduled to have shipment coming in today. I don’t feel like working, not because I am a total slacker, but because I am so darn tired and I’ve been sneezing the whole time *blame it on the weather* so the last thing I want to do is to deal with those psychotic customers. So I didn’t call…tee hee, I actually could’ve just called and let them know that I wasn't gonna make it, but I didn’t want to deal with my manager either, so they’re gonna put me on the no call no show list..ohh what do I care..! Besides, I really need to stay home and study right now, I mean there were times where I had to abandon my study because of work but with the gmat next week I guess I can’t do that no more cause my time is running out and the reason why I’m here in the first place is to get my education so..first thing first!!

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