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October 05, 2002

Okay, just want to drop a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY note to my lovely friend Cherie…=)..you’re 23 now..(oppss, did I just mention your age???…my bad…hehehehe. I think we’ve gotten to the point where age is best to be left unmentioned)..oh well, everybody is getting old anyway. Get ready for a lot of wonderful things coming your way girl…..=)

So what else is new really??..*yawn*, I’ve been spending my time with nothing else but studying for the GMAT lately, plus doing my presentation that I mentioned earlier. I was about to study at the St Louis Bread Company that just opened a new branch near my apt this afternoon, but the rain was pouring hard, so staying home was the only option and believe me…it’s never been a good option cause not much work can be done when there’s an internet around. So much for having this technology.

Another group meeting early in the morning tomorrow…oh that reminds me that I have to go to office depot to buy some stuff. We’re gonna be doing family feud (Family 100 kalo di Jakarta) for the activity part, just trying to throw some creative elements to get all of the students involved. But of course it’s not gonna be that fun cause we can only ask question that applied to the case. I handed out the survey last Tuesday and now I need to rank all of the answers. Anyway, my teammates and I were thinking about something that we’re gonna give as a prize for whoever wins the game. You know, just something small and of course CHEAP, something that I could get from one-dollar store, tee hee. So I just blurted out “Chocolate” without even thinking cause that’s what most people give right? it’s cheap and it’s not something useless that you’re gonna throw away. I mean I’d be happy if I get a bar of chocolate and I’m sure most people will do too. But oh my gawd was I so wrong to mention that cause one of my teammates was kinda intimated by my idea. She was like..”No..you don’t wanna give chocolate to everybody, not everybody eats chocolate bla bla bla bla yadda yadda yadda..” ..ooppss.. I forgot the fact that she is kinda way overweight….*sigh* ..

Hmm, I’m thinking of going back to bath and body works either tonite or tomorrow. They are discontinuing their make up lines until god knows when, enggak jelas what’s the reason behind it, maybe they are trying to come up with some rockin new cosmetics to compete with the body shop who just launched their new cosmetic lines. Yang jelas, almost all of its cosmetics are on sale for 50%..hmmm that's yuM!!…so I stocked up a few items, hey I called it an investment cause who knows if they’re not planning to launch the same product later on right? So I stepped out with a sparkling melon lip balm, two eye shadows, a creamy coconut fragrance candle *smell so darn good* and a set of 5 different colors lip palette..tee hee..I'll stock up some more this weekend.....

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