Guest Speaker

October 31, 2002

Hmm, apa yaah *bingung*, in the mood to write tapi lagi nggak tau nih apa yang mau di tulis, padahal kemaren waktu lagi nggak sempet nge-blog malah kayanya banyaaak bener yang mo di ceritain. It’s cold and gloomy outside and I feel fortunate that I have the luxury to just stay warm inside, no work today and obviously no class and no assignment that needs to be done anytime soon, soo..hoooraaay, this is such a joy that hard to attain these days.

Neways, I had a class last night and since there was a guest speaker forum that all of the business students had to attend in the auditorium, we used the first hour of class session to see the speaker. I was so looking forward to it cause the speaker was Cynthia Brinkley, the President of SBC Missouri where Dendre works. I was just curious if she was gonna talk about the new government regulations for the telecommunication industry. Since SBC is currently one of the biggest telecommunication company here..the government forced SBC to sell their lines to other telephone companies with half of the current price that they charge individual customers to generate fair competition. Makanya, sekarang banyak calling plan baru2 yang murah meriah dari MCI dll. So, of course there is a problem here…SBC is not making money and its profitability are heading down because not only they have to sell their lines with such a low price but they also are the one who maintain the network. So for example when an MCI customer has a problem with his/her phone lines, SBC is the one who needs to handle that even though the customer is actually an MCI customer. What a phony competition don’t you think?? It's like one of those fakes designer handbags, you just put Gucci logo on it and sell it like it's the real Gucci. MCI sells the service like it's their own networks and when the problem comes, they have no idea how to handle it.

So anyway, I was looking forward to it but when I just sat at the auditorium, one of my classmates asked if I had done the homework and it struck me that I haven’t printed my paper. So I went to the library right away to access my email and open the Microsoft attachment that I have sent, but turned out the computers in the library don’t have Microsoft word installed, arrgghh… I ran to the computer lab..but when I got there I realized that I don’t have printer papers with me, they don’t charge us for printing fee but we have to bring our own papers…argghh stupid me…mana nggak ada yang bisa di mintain kertas I ran back to the library..bolak balik aja gitu ujan ujanan…dan terpaksa papernya gue print dari emailnya langsung, hihi…kalo mau nge print di library gratis, tapi nggak ada Microsoft wordnya……jadi ya udah lah, di print aja langsung dari emailnya, jadi atasnya ada banner iklannya, samping kirinya ada menu menu Inbox, save draft lah apa lah, hehe…thank god my professor was willing to accept that. But when I got back to the auditorium, udah selesai gitu speakernya….so I didn’t have a chance to listen to the speaker…*betey*, I won’t forgive myself for this, I hate it when I went to school unprepared like that…

My school regularly conducts guest speaker events like last night, some of the speaker are CEOs of Fortune 500 company and some are world famous people such as Margaret Thatcher, Maya Angelou, Collin Powel, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ralph Nader, Jeff Greenfield, Benjamin Netahanyu (former PMnya Israel), Benazzir Bhutto, dan ada Erin Brockovich segala dan lain lainnya...banyak lah but I haven’t seen any of those…soalnya MAHAL, kalo speaker yang corporate professional gitu sih free of charge tapi kalo udah yang orang orang penting sih bayar..huhu. One of the guest speaker events yang pernah gue datengin dan berkesan banget tuh… evening with ICE T !!..hihi, my old school rocks!!. He talked about a lot of things, from racism, sex, homosexuals to September 11, the government, terrorist, the music industry….everything!!, granted after listening to all of those you’ll turn into an ICE T fan, just like me..=)

What else yaa?..ooh I found a new interest in the world wide web. Jadi kan ceritanya yang namanya mailing list tuh udah banyak bener yaa..hampir dari semua kategori deh, tapi gue baru nyadar kalo SMA gue itu nggak ada mailing list nya. Ada siih tapi untuk semua angkatan, nah yang untuk angkatan gue nih nggak ada.…cupu banget deh... Makanya, akhirnya kemaren dengan pintarnya gue berinisiatip untuk bikin sendiri..hihi..telat banget nggak sih tuh, sekarang lagi sibuk ngumpulin contact2 nya, baru ada 8 orang yang gabung, itu pun yang di states aja kebanyakan…! I have sent the invitation to more than 30 people...tapi belom pada muncul. So if any of you happen to know anak SMU Labschool angkatan let me know yah...=) . Apa kabar yaa mereka mereka semua itu??..I haven’t seen most of them since graduation, jadi kangen dan pingin tau kabarnya..I have promised myself that this coming holiday, I will make an effort to see everybody that I have missed so I can make my holiday even more memorable……we'll see.....

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